The best 4 movies to help you learn English easily and in a short time !

First, before watching these films, there is a way if I follow her make sure that you will take your English to the level of very advanced, if applied in the participation of 100 so you will become very familiar with the most important vocabulary used in the English language.


Download Movie translation English, Yes English.
Section of the filter to ten minutes, and then stop at each word or expression I don’t understand it and tried to find out from the context or by the teacher after ten minutes.
Without all the findings every ten minutes in the Memorandum.
And now watched the movie without any subtitles.

Cast away

Who has not watched this masterpiece a legend of Hollywood, Tom Hank, Who art in this film. Film language American very clear, given the momentum of events a lot of them, you can use many words and expressions new from this movie without having to miss out on the fun follow-up set, considered a cast away from Great movies to learn American accent because the dialogue in a monologue, it is not in which complex relationships between several people, and the dialogue is clear and speed make reasonable easy to understand.
Ideal to start the step of viewing the English translation. and learning through it.

Toy story

Because the movie was directed mainly for kids, it is natural that we find the dialogue smooth and simple, this is an essential feature of most movies animation. Features events exciting and easy language and very suitable for children and adults alike to learn the language.

Night at the museum

Comedy film funny very which speaks of a guard follow he discovers the return of some of the exhibits in the museum to life at night. The film features, features general information about many of the characters that you probably hear about it for the first time as characterized by its presentation of suspense and keep away from the king.


It is true that this is a series and not a movie, but watching more than 100 episodes of the language easy and flexible and the pressure, is crucial in the issue of language learning and development.

In general, when selecting a movie for language development, you should take into account that the film is simple but complex, and always what I recommend movies social dialogue based.

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