The best 4 websites allows you to modify the content of PDF files free

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أفضل 4 مواقع ويب تتيح لك تعديل محتوى ملفات PDF مجانًا

Think PDF format is the default for documents is important, as you think the formula is preferred for use in commercial transactions and which make use of the files PDF commonplace such as the use of Word documents, but to get the potential full edit in Adobe Acrobat you must pay up to 449 USD to buy the version Desktop Pro 2017 version, or nearly $ 180 per year for a subscription Pro DC. While there are a lot of programs and sites modify the content of PDF files alternative and many are free.

Will help you the following web sites to modify all what you want in the content of your PDF files, without installing any software on your device at all, allowing you to do several tasks, including:

  • Edit and modify the content of PDF files
  • Create a model or document in PDF format
  • Reduce the file size
  • Summing up the PDF files or add notes that others can see it.
  • Split PDF file
  • Merge multiple PDF files
  • Protect PDF file with a password, or cancellation of protection if it is protected already

1. location of the Paperjet fill in data in PDF forms and sign

أفضل 4 مواقع لتعديل محتوى ملفات PDF مجانًا

The most common tasks that you need to do with PDF files is to fill in the data directly, while not allows you best programs to read PDF files on Windows operating systems or Mac OS MacOS or Linux or Chrome or ABS Chrome OS change anything in the PDF, remains the fastest and easiest way is to use the site Paperjet.

You’ll have to register on the site Paperjet to use the service, then download the level of your PDF and add the boxes to write text in custom fields, so in the document, if the text box is not available in the place where you want to type you can add one yourself, the type of font, size, color all these options are customizable, as you can also attach a photo in case if the model has to the images.

The site offers you a Paperjet the possibility of modifying the 10 PDF files for free during the month, but you must pay $ 5 a month if you want to accelerate above this limit.

2 – site Jotform to create PDF files for forms and documents common

أفضل 4 مواقع لتعديل محتوى ملفات PDF مجانًا

While the locations to modify PDF files online revolves around modifying the model you already have, the little tools give you the option to create a PDF form for yourself.

Jotform is a web application great, free Create PDF files for documents is a common use, a set of templates existing on the site is what makes Jotform different from other competitors.

Divided templates into categories such as certificate, agreement approval, contract, records of the position, the layout of the event, invitation, invoice, job application, lease agreement, medical report, evaluation of performance, scholarship application, remember, each category contains several different types and you can search within Jotform to know it more.

After you find the model you want to work on it, open it in the editor Jotform, so you can modify any part of the model, whether that text or the alignment of the boxes or fields or anything else.

3 – position Shrink PDF reduce the size of PDF files

أفضل 4 مواقع لتعديل محتوى ملفات PDF مجانًا

Usually PDF files larger than the size of the original document does not, this will be for you an obstacle with a lot of sites that need to send PDF files through it, go to the website Shrink a PDF – especially if you have many files to compress your files without any effect on the quality of the file.

You can upload up to 20 PDF files at one time to reduce the size of them, and you can’t change any settings so that the site he has his own ways to reduce the size. Once you have the pressure you’ll see how to reduce the file size as a percentage, and you can download each file individually or download the files that have been reduced in size the whole as a collection in a single compressed file with the extension Zip.

4 – site PDF-Candy website all-in-one gives you all the PDF tools the different

أفضل 4 مواقع لتعديل محتوى ملفات PDF مجانًا

There are many PDF tools on the internet to complete your work, but why are you looking for several different locations for each task you want her, if site PDF Candy can perform all these tasks in one place. It’s a web application great brings more tools to modify PDF files common.

The following is a brief list of what you can do in PDF Candy:

  • Convert PDF files to word and JPG and DOCX, RTF, and TIFF, BMP and PNG
  • Convert Word, JPG and DOCX and HTML and EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PNG, TIFF and BMP, RTF, ODT, XLS and PPT to PDF files
  • Rotate PDF
  • Change the size of the page
  • Merge multiple PDF files
  • Split PDF to separate pages
  • Delete pages
  • Re-arrange pages
  • Protect PDF file with a password, or if it is protected already, you can cancel protection
  • Add a watermark on the files
  • The use of images or text
  • Add page numbers
  • Edit metadata

All of these functions completely free and does not even need to login to the site PDF Candy.

The gate Arab News Technical best 4 websites allows you to modify the content of PDF files free

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