The best 5 apps and games candidate users landed this week

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Know the best apps and games that received the highest evaluation of candidates for users of phones landed this week.


Game Town of Salen

Game Town of Salen is one of the games that received the highest rating from the users landed this week, which are strategy games that can support you in competing against your friends, where you can join from 7 to 15 players in development.

The player can also choose between the two teams in the game, where the first team of the residents of the city to defend and fight evil characters, or you can choose from one of the evil characters and catch the inhabitants of the city without getting caught.

Game Town of Salen free games that are available on Google Play, but there are some tools too for purchase within the app, but it of fun games candidates for you.

Application of Poco Launcher


Application of Poco Launcher is car possible for Pocophone, where she presented the Xiaomi app on the platform landed all users.

It features the application as Poco Launcher user interface coordinated and well-designed, supports the user some of the features with the feature to hide the icons of apps you don’t want them to appear in the applications window, also supports stop apps other companies well.

Application of Poco Launcher is available in the App Store and Google Play for FREE, where you will experience a fast and smooth user interface in your phone.

Game Reigns

Is one of the Games Series Game of Throne, and also one of the games cards and puzzles fun, where you will have to choose between 9 characters in the game with special story for every character, as the game is characterized by the control of the rapid to pick the cards, also expect the game Reigns at a price of $ 4 is almost in the Google Play Store.

Application of Hyperion Launcher


Application of Hyperion Launcher is also one of the apps line new that have developed over the Substratum, where the line size is small, with a distinctive UI design landed, with tools that are customizable, such as the allocation of icons as named icons third-party applications.

Application as Hyperion also supports to customize the Font, the background in the app, along with other options customizable in the application, is available on application to Hyperion Launcher in the Google Play Store for free download.

NBA game 2K19

If you are one of the lovers of basketball games, however the NBA 2K19 is one of the games possible on the platform landed this week, where come the game Crime your great, with advantages in rapid urbanization and, as the support the players more than the style of play, also available game NBA 2K19 in the Google Play Store now, with the experience of playing it is not only one of the sports games.


This theme Best 5 apps and games candidate users landed this week appeared on Engadget.

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