The best 5 apps for the game of football

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Started the championship of the World Cup in football, we have seen reversals is not available during the first days of competition, the objectives of the last moment, pain, tears, joy, excitement, and since we are celebrating the beautiful game, here are the best 5 games of the game of football available for Android devices.

FIFA Mobile

The main goal of the user in the game is to build the perfect team, The Dream Team, this means an investment of many hours in the game, to win matches and earn points, invest a little money here and there if you want to speed up the process, and this new version of FIFA from the ability to represent the World Cup officially, so the names, the uniforms and stadiums are similar to those in World Cup is real.

PES 2018

In this list we couldn’t leave the main rival of the series FIFA, game PES 2018 is the best football game for smartphones today with the extremely beautiful graphics style the game is easy to use, there is no doubt that this great game ahead of its main rival.

Soccer Star 2018

Aim of the game of football to put you in the decisive moments in each movement to perform work, whether a goal kick or a pass, or even vertical, all you have to do in this game you create a player, and as long as you play well, the contracts will lead to the ultimate success of Your mission as a player.

Real Football

We can’t let our choice of one of the football games first time in history, the Real Football has existed since time, a true legend that exists even today in the era of smart phones running Android, and the game has way game is good, graphics are well visible and can be played without having to connect to the internet.

Dream League Soccer 2018

Since many of the best football games in the Android, brought to Dream League Soccer approach to the game is very similar to the requirements of the game PES 2018, with plenty of tournaments and play modes, this has become a fun way in my imagination to kill time during the flight in the plane for example.

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