The best 5 apps screenshot for Android and other screen shots!

Screenshots screenshots are a common procedure taken by most people, you may want to capture a moment in a conversation or tweets funny, and some apps, such as Snapchat, to other users to know when you take screen shots screenshots to the publication, although most people use buttons, screen shots, except that there are a variety of other ways to take screen shots, and in the following lines, let’s take a look at the best apps the screen shot for the Android and some other ways too!

AZ Screen Recorder is the Apps screen recorder, and its primary function is to record footage of your screen as a video, however, this app has the function to capture the screen as also, we love the AZ Screen Recorder because it has no time limits, no watermarks, no ads, featuring the user interface as simple in addition to timer a countdown timer and some of the editing features of the video light too.

The application Screenshot Touch one of the apps the screen shot most powerful, it includes some other features such as cropped images, and scrolling (to get shots longer), capture the whole web page, screen recording, and more, as the app can also take a screenshot by shaking the phone and other actions, and this step is certainly a step beyond what you can do to your phone by itself, and includes a free version of it for ads, but the premium version which removes these ads and adds some other features.

Screen Master is an application screen shot of another strong, provides many of the features most of the functions of the stock take screen shots, as it is applied fairly cheap, and includes some of the features it ways illustrative of different images and capture the whole web page and a button floating for quick access and more features, you can even capture the entire web page by copying and pasting the URL inside the app, and backup them to remove the ads and add some other features.

Applications Personal Assistant Personal assistant apps are actually apps decent screenshots, I’ve tested on a wide range of Assistant Google and Bixby phone Samsung, both are fully capable of implementing these tasks easily, simply long press on the home button to plugin Google or button Bixby for Bixby (on Samsung devices). From there, ask him to take a screen shot, you will find it works faster and much faster than hitting a bunch of buttons for power and volume on your device, as most apps and the personal assistant is completely free.

Screen mirroring apps are the Apps screen mirroring which make the screen of your device appears on your computer, it works in an excellent manner to the screen of your device, where you can use the button PrtScn fashionable on the keyboard, then save the screenshot on your computer instead of your phone.

This method is a little crooked but it works successfully, however, it is likely to recommend some other apps in this list which do it a Vysor, and Chrome Remote Desktop, Team Viewer, and AirDroid’s AirMirror plugin, and many others.

Other ways to take a screenshot

The Volume Down button and power button

All Android devices have the function of the screen shot of the original, and usually includes pressing two keys at the same time they are the Volume Down button and power button, then the phone after that to take the screen shot, and change these buttons from device to device, however, the way the screen shot was taken the most common are:

Press and hold the Volume Down button and power button simultaneously.

Some OEMs like to play with this more, for example, the devices Samsung oldest you take a screenshot Shashi by pressing the volume down and Home button and power button at one time, however, and these days, all the hardware basically pressing the Volume Down button and the button key simultaneously to take a screen shot.

Screen shots using the Android itself

Offers Android P A lot of changes to the operating system, and one of them is screen capture of the original as part of the class list, where you can simply long press on the power button as if you you turn off the device, you will find the option of taking the screen shot with the options to shutdown and reboot.

Unfortunately, providing this way only as part of the Android Pie and most of the devices do not have this service until now, however, there are some devices (such as the series of Samsung Galaxy Note) which contains the similar functions in the programs to OEM their own custom.

A screenshot with ADB (if you want)

We do not recommend actually doing things this way because it is boring and annoying too, however, some people love this the hard way, you must follow basic procedures to make ADB works on both your computer and your phone, and you can find the required files so, once you work your device with ADB (and fastboot), so it’s fairly simple in the following way:

adb exec-out screecap p- > screen.png


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