The best ad-blocking applications on the Android

Ad blocking may become a requirement to enjoy the experience of browsing a website or use an application, while providing most of the applications the option of blocking the ads for a subscription one-time or periodically, we will focus here on providing applications to provide free water.

Since blocking the ads as a whole violates the policy of Google, the applications list is a APK from a third party because they are not allowed in the Play Store, and while apps are available from reputed developers, we would like to get rid of the responsibility of the tic-Foy from any potential damage may be done. And also, we warn against the use of these tools on some services, such as Spotify; so don’t with respect to your account we need to change.


The preferred option in the list offered by the same developer add Adblock for web browsers, does not require root, and once you install it and set it up will give the background to all the ads, design and applications.



Works in the background such as Adblock, it also offers you data on what you block his ads, however, the free version allows users to book ads only web, and the ads applications requiring a subscription of$ 25 per month which gives you also the option to use the tool on computers Mac and windows.


Block This

Method uses a blocking DNS ad-blocking which is what the developer says it is less battery consuming of the methods of filtration used by the two applications the previous talk about them, but the problem with this app is that it requires root so we recommend in this case to use any of the two applications.


Web browsers that support ad blocking

Provide many web browsers found in Google Play feature-ad blocking the most annoying, automatically or as an option within the app, but it does not prohibit some ads, here are some suggestions:

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