The best alternatives to Google AdSense !

أفضل بدائل لجوجل أدسنس !

“The best alternatives to Google AdSense” as a search word, the resort to the owners of websites and millions of users around the world, “especially the Arabs of them,” it is not able to subscribe to this network and refused his request to join , or he was banned and his earnings for one reason or another.

Would be practically in front of these to resort to alternative networks offers its services to advertising is, of course, foreign companies interested in marketing advertising customers as is the case with Google AdSense.

We know in this context he also knows all the owners of the sites terms of knowledge and strict policy of Google with the publishers and don’t tell me about warning them once again to cancel their accounts violated the policy deployment this is what we see abundantly on YouTube no matter how many follow them and whatever profit the owner of the TV channel lifetime subscription network Google advertising.

Practically, the bottom line. Don’t bother searching for alternatives to Google AdSense. It is the Lady of the internet, sophisticated’t it or didn’t like. You must modify it if you want to profit from your web-site or your channel. It is not an alternative provides you say Google AdSense, and not the credibility of the superiority of their credibility.

We have about Google AdSense

When you search via Google Drive for the best alternatives to Google AdSense you will find many guides you to 10 alternatives and this company better than that or that this be approved immediately , but they don’t tell you that most of them require that your site is in English, user that those networks require to be the most paranoid of America, Canada and Britain ! Week that the price of clicking on the advert they have is very low.

Won’t tell you about those networks I was testing its credibility, and they send you the winnings at the time. As the price of the tap? As the price of thousands of the appearance? And other details of interest to you as a site owner and a researcher for the source that supports your online activity.

So those sites that relate to the word researcher about the best alternatives to Google AdSense is getting a visit from you to them, not me, doesn’t give them the details that interest you as a researcher as much as the means of their deployment for the sake of posting.

We have about Google AdSense in our Arab region and each site speaking in Arabic.

Therefore, we have a commitment to the policy of Google advertising and publication terms own to achieve that partnership is that between the two of you without being interrupted for reasons that you could have bypassed in order to preserve that income, which I used it for years or for months. I was ban you or cancel your account with them, you have to repeat try to get an account let me know again if I have to set up a new site for this purpose.

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