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It is important that all people in the community expressed their opinions. But they seem to can’t do it in Twitter. Last year alone we witnessed a lot of scandals, when various activists and other strange person to attack people for a simple short message. Sometimes, these messages were even quite “ancient”, and people had to apologize for them and even used to lose their jobs and status in society. So isn’t it better to leave this area? The more that Twitter has a lot of alternatives.

Maybe Twitter isn’t so necessary?

The contents

Plurk more than Twitter

Plurk, like Twitter, allows you to chronicle the events of your life, and write everything your heart desires. Mog is a full — fledged social network, which is a sort of mix of Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. You earn karma, get likes and dislikes for their posts and so on. The size of the posts here limited to 210 characters.

Go to the website: xanga

Tumblr — For those who seek self-expression

This microblogging service has always been quite popular for those who want self-expression. Tumblr allows users to post content in the form of short messages. On the website you can also post gifs, pictures and short videos. Tumblr, plus, has a “safe mode”, meaning that if you don’t want to see any content, you can block these posts with one click.

Go to website: Tumblr — Keep a blog as you like is another microblogging service. In the same way as Tumblr, have is safe mode. And in addition to the possibility of doing micro-blogging, then there are lots of groups and user communities on various subjects. In this alternative to Twitter, users can publish audio, video, photographs, drawings and more. Also here there is the opportunity to conduct private correspondence.

Go to site:

Mastodon — Secure communication

Mastodon is better than Twitter in many ways. The entire network consists of various servers located worldwide, each of which serves a specific audience. Regardless of whether you are a technical expert, social activist or even a content Creator for an adult audience, in Mastodon are the server for you. Most of the servers Mastodon are not connected directly to each other, which allows you to create a decentralized secure network for communication.

Go to the website: Mastodon

Care2 — Make the world a better place

On this platform millions of people come together to, as corny as it may sound, to change the world. Here you can find community related to civil rights, animal rights, social equality, environmental protection and so on. On this social platform, you can join any group or create their own to share their thoughts about improving the world.

Go to the website: Care2

Ello — For real creators

If you joined Twitter to show the world their artistic abilities, then why not consider a platform with similar functions, but is designed specifically for this purpose? If you’re into architecture, photography, journalism, design, music, painting, or other kind of creativity, you can find like-minded people in this alternative to Twitter. And like-minded people who are interested in the world of mobile technology you can find in our chat in Telegram.

Go to site: Ello

Dots — Create posts with the use of

Dots is another social network for creatives. But it is positioning itself as a platform for professionals. Because in addition to ordinary people, there are a lot of representatives of specialized publications like VICE, Bonboz, The Telegraph or VOGUE. Them here can be quite easy to find, connect and even, who knows, to collaborate with major brands. In the end, if your hobby will bring you not only moral satisfaction from creating posts in a social network, but something else, is it bad?

Go to the site: Dots

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