The best and fastest way to watch videos high quality Android

May secret mission is the easiest way to share videos high quality from the Android to the iPhone; the evolving relations messaging as we know allow up to a certain and reduce the accuracy significantly, here’s the fastest solutions from Google itself.

Submit application to Google Photos (Google Photos) free option for automatic video high quality on the cloud. Activating this option enables the participation of those videos with any smartphone on any operating system, but Olga also.

Preparation of Google Images

If you haven’t used the app before, firstly you must register page Gmail main idea of the application to enter immediately to open it on the phone. Idea app to activate the feature version and sync, choose either women wholesale original and limited space or with high quality and unlimited space – it may save on the quality of the original but the quality remain high.

And forget to modify the backup option during the data connection, the internet; unlike what is shown in the picture above. If you’ve used the app before, you can from the main screen click on the menu button (ACT Broadband), and then choose Settings from the menu then version and sync, and complete the steps.

Watch videos with iPhone

After activating the option of copying and syncing, the Google Images increased by videos to the cloud when your internet connection via Wi-Fi. Here are two ways to watch videos:

With From uses Google Images

1 – Click on the video you want to share then click the share button on the far left. You can select several videos to share at once.

2 – since Google Images is linked to a Gmail also offers, you can write the name of your friend, that appears next to the icon of the Google images thumbnail if the app uses, and then you can choose a friend or more to watch the video.

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3 – you can write a message to with the video to your buddy in a box “to:..” if the confirmed completion of the steps, click on the Submit button blue.

With of not using Google Images

If an e-mail the other party is not in your possession or form in receipt of the video in the previous method, or is does not use Google images, the best way is to create a link directly to the video.

First click on the video you want to share then click on Share button and then on the Create Link button that will appear down the left, and then the app will link you can copy it and then paste it in any conversation or share it directly with a messaging app and choose a friend who will help him.

Thus you can watch the videos high quality easily with a user of the iPhone, as long as the used Google Images wouldn’t be in the need to raise the video again because it automatically saves to the cloud, and you only have to watch it one of two ways, as stated above.

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