The best Android phones which are still retained in the heavens

Maybe everyone notices create phone manufacturers from the entrance of the heavens and the 3.5 mm one by one perhaps beats the final nail in the coffin of this technique beloved is Samsung to reduce its IT phones Note 10 last.

The entrance of the heavens and the 3.5 mm is the perfect way to connect the heavens -or microphones – your smartphone so the loss of him means the loss of the “plains” in the performance of this function, now there are hundreds of fish of excellent that you can rely on to the side of the headphones many use the entrance to 3.5 mm to connect the smartphone including headphones that refuse to by the same manufacturers!

Anyway, in this article we will share some of the phones that still retain this entrance to the South which is still modern and powerful enough for their acquisition of … Is Us?

1 – my phone Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL

Still my phone Google Pixel 3A and Google Pixel 3A XL phone recently very As released has been this year! The two phones are you afraid that the price of their average compared with the prices of the phones Pixel camera along with their support for the OLED, Fast shipping and confirmation of the camera hacks!

2 – phones said the taxi S10

Phones said taxi S10 had Samsung phones the last, which still retain the entrance of the heaven of the beloved 3.5 mm since it was launched in the beginning of this year. Phones S10 and S10 Plus even S10e all of which come with a screen type AMOLED high-quality along with Wizard SD 855 processor and Exynos the latter, you can look at the specifications of the phones fully here.

3 – telephone, said the taxi Note 9

Phone said taxi Note 9 was the last one that comes with the entrance of the heaven of 3.5 mm so that was another note that supports this feature. The phone is still good enough in terms of specifications for the current year or even for next year and how involved you it will get Android 10 soon.

4 – Motorola G7

Features this phone is priced low, which is less than the price of Pixel 3A while it would be able to provide the experience of excellent use but that the camera has is what may be shortcomings of it, in various circumstances will be the Pixel is the best option because it comes with the camera is unmatched at this price while you if I wanted to go up a little you’ll no said taxi s-10 is waiting for you!

Source: Wired

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