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Viruses are of that burden, which reduces all users. Especially in the case of files and important documents that will be exposed to when you are able to any virus to enter and penetrate the system.
This and I had a big problem in itself, but I solved available since the start of the operating systems of the first through specialized software that receives its main tasks in the design and protection of the system from hacking messages viral, attachments, malware-other things that harm the organs and contents of files and photos.

But we are here and to many programs used free of payments , we decided to highlight the best in general based on the experiences of millions of users.

Is software Avast Premier the best antivirus software is common now, when the pan users as it offers effective protection and quick protection system an automatic and the specificities of the immediate implementation of the user when the existence of any threat to the system.

This category of software, especially our Software Avast Premier does not need to explain the long terms of work status settings its default to protect the system in all directions, the software is available for all devices that use Windows OS whatever version ,Windows 8 or Windows 10 etc.

Avast Premier الاصدار الجديدAvast Premier ver new

Avast Premier ver new

Avast premiere of the new version comes with further improved more than any prior release can be fast, you won’t need to wait for the long process to scan the system rotating, with respect to my program with a huge database that carries details about the latest virus that spread on the internet .

To take advantage of shoot the bathroom you have to leave the program in operating mode all the time to give you an alert when you try to any access virus on your device or when working on download one of the files malware.
The program will give you an alert when you visit one of suspicious sites on the network will prevent you from continuing to browse it protect you.

Features of Avast Premier ver new

  • Provides important tools and effective to protect you from viruses and gaps leading up to hack into your device.
  • The firewall in Avast Prem strong against all viruses.
  • The size of the Avast simple compared to what it offers the advantages of protection for your device.
  • New version twice as fast as the previous release
  • Lets you scan your device fully and if showing the presence of a virus says to remove it immediately.
  • You can check a single folder by Avast primer .

The most important thing added in the new version of Avast primer

In the release talk from the program guide feature which provides for the Prohibition of any program on your device in the case of the modification on one of your folders or change one of the tracks, and teach you that you either agree or vice versa.

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