The best app to schedule sending text messages, for Android

Open the Android property is very important, which is schedule to send text messages, play where this property plays a significant role in organizing the life of the users of those devices and make their lives more streamlined. We put between your hands the day the best apps to schedule sending text messages for Android.

In these days people become more interactive with text conversations and even video chats this is more of the interview face-to-face. Menstrual cycles become chat programs is the place alternative in the virtual world in order to communicate remotely and the installation of places have a lot of people. Send text messages in this time and in the same moment is very simple, but what if you want to send an important message to someone in the morning of the second day and are afraid to forget to send this important message.

If you need to that you schedule to send a text message to that person and send them to you on schedule with ease and with accuracy in transmission.

Top 5 apps to schedule sending text messages, for Android

Before you start giving these apps five you must make sure that there are hundreds of apps that perform this task but not all of them are the same precision, has earned you this application that you think is the best among all, which are as follows.

The application Do it Later

Do It Later

One of the highlights of the applications available in the Google Play Store and most assessment, so that the name of the application holds in the sense of skills provided by its users, and I’ll do that later. Where you can through this application to schedule do many of the tasks in the phone, including scheduling to send text messages in Android phone. It also features the application Do it Later accuracy in work ability to schedule tasks at the same time as we want, which we set, without there being any errors in the application work tasks that have been rescheduled.

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Application SKEDit Scheduling App

SKEDit Scheduling App

If you’re looking for an easy application and simple to schedule tasks on the Android phone you can try using a application SKEDit Scheduling App, this app make it one of the best apps to schedule tasks in Android. Where it will be possible via this app to schedule sending messages on WhatsApp as well as send SMS messages in addition to schedule the sending of messages via email and all of that easily and high accuracy. Where once you finish the process of scheduling the sending of messages in the app will send those messages automatically without your intervention.

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The application of Boomerang Mail

Boomerang Mail

Considered the application of Boomerang Mail is one of the leading and most powerful app of your schedule and send text messages via email, as the app acts as a full email services around the world such as Gmail and Google apps, as well as apps Microsoft various. The app has many advanced tasks like email snoozing, scheduling and sending emails, as well as respond to emails received on the other.

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App SMS Scheduler Free

SMS Scheduler Free

This dedicated app just to schedule sending text messages via slide SMS without other the other letters. Where you can through this application to write the text message and identify the person who will send a text message to you, as it can determine the date and time in which to schedule the sending of the text message. Not only this app to schedule SMS message only one, but can schedule as many messages are sent each and every one of them in accordance with the time specified and without any cooperation in the work of the application.

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Application Handcent Next SMS

SMS Scheduler Free

This app is no different in functionality from the previous app, where is one of the most powerful and best applications in the Google Play Store, which enables users to schedule SMS text messages. Where the application gives its users a wide range of important benefits in scheduling tasks sending messages via Android phone, as the app allows to synchronize it with the copy of the computer and thus send messages, and schedule them through the computer, this gives a greater ease in dealing with him. To the side of the table messages SMS allows the app to also schedule messages and MMS alike.

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