The best applications of Islamic should be uploaded in the month of Ramadan 2018

With the identification of the date of the month of Ramadan 2018 and congratulate the Muslims of some of the coming of Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak of the Muslim Ummah all , you should download a bunch of apps and free programs Ramadan live Muslims on the administration of worship and exploit this holy month is the best to exploit, especially with the approach of the second ten times and looked tahajjud and the night and the night of power , looking the learn about called the night of destiny , and that’s where the answer where the multiplier , if there are a lot of apps Islamic and religious programs specific to the month of Ramadan and prayer times and Azan and Asia Ramadan 2018 , Which we’ve confined you in this article the best you should download it to help you Directors of worship and directors of the time and remind you to obey Allah the Almighty , such as the application of the fatwas of Ramadan and apps to help you achieve your ambition and your goal of Ramadan and the application of the supplication of the night of qadr , and apps help you to read the Holy Quran and will help you to seal Quran , offer as in this article from website how to technique the best apps Islamic without Internet you can download free to receive the holy month of Ramadan .

Download the best Ramadan programs 2018 obedience and worship

Once the advent of the holy month of Ramadan so everything becomes gown and the flavor of the Ramadan special, among them, the application stores for smart phones that provide a large number of applications that make the maintenance of the holy month of Ramadan the time of the smart par excellence , and help us to change habits and hold a lot of things during this blessed month , and whether you’re working or studying, or even spend a period of leave during the month of Ramadan, which will accompany you always, and you must prepare to receive Ramadan just as you can through download the best apps make it maintenance smart .

And here in this thread know the best free apps that support you in the holy month of Ramadan for the year 2018, which combine Islamic applications possible later, Quran, prayer timings, along with the Hijri calendar, and this coupled with the applications development time and achievements and help in achieving the targets during the duration of fasting .


The best applications style world without the internet Ramadan 2018

  • The application of the supplication of the night of qadr

The night of qadr is one of the nights of Ramadan, virtue, standing in the last third of it, in the strings especially, and I guessed it the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan, where the Muslims every year to revive them to health, and read what was available of the Holy Quran, in addition to the night prayer and sacrifice, the Father to God to change circumstances and conditions, and accept the business, it seems the Muslims in the tahajjud prayer a certain special night of destiny for the exploitation of this blessed night in which God promised to the acceptance of a valid business and open the doors of the sky the state and the ticket to God Almighty and exploitation , Download the duas the night of power on your mobile phone and know the most important characteristics of its most important blessings which displays it to the user .

دعاء قيام الليل و ليلة القدر
Dua for the night and the night of qadr

Download app duas the night of qadr

  • The application of the seal of the Khatmah

The application of the seal of the Council to meet the Holy Quran without internet is small size, fast response light performance and is designed for a Muslim to use it when reading and seal the Koran, and came to call it “seal”.

And is considered one of the most important applications that help you achieve your goal in sealing the Holy Koran , where the program lets you read Quran and the seal of the loan the loan the like you download completely it features clearly the ease of handling , where he assist you to seal Quran as it lets you pink daily by cities that you could choose the Koran, with a daily ticket on the body alert and roses your in the time you specify so.
You have to mobilize the necessary fields in the application how much time you want to seal the Koran and the number of days that you want to choose the Koran, and then expect the app to remind you when to run, which suggests you have to read page such and such to page such and such in order to seal in the time period identified in advance.

تطبيق ختم القران الكريم
The application of the seal of the Holy Koran

You can the independence of Ramadan 2018, and download the application to seal easily on all kinds of operating systems and mobile phones for free


Download the stamp application.

  • App Dua & Azkar

The application offers you all the duas of Ramadan and duas and duas seal the loan and a prayer for the night and duas mp3 and also offers a range of radio dialogue that we need in our daily lives and is not limited to use this app for the holy month of Ramadan but corrosive it constantly in all months of the year , and introduces the application of the duas and the smartest of the many possible services to the users .

Depends the program of the prayers and the radio track of the tell free apps that allow you to improve yourself by mentioning Allaah and His Messenger , Muhammad a day continuously even during your busy work through the download duas da mp3 and hear it is easy and simple .

And the program includes many of the prayers and the radio dialogue contained in the book fortress of the Muslim and indispensable in our daily lives and in our dealings with people in a manner that is easy and simple , and it is this dhikr : reciting the morning and evening, remembrance sleep, the remembrance waking from sleep, called underrated , and the duas of the fasting person , and duas suhoor and breakfast and the ear that are indispensable in our daily lives .

تطبيق الدعاء و الاذكار
Support Application and permission to test

Download app Dua & azkar

  • Application Muslim Pro muslim pro

The program Muslim Pro muslim pro from the programs and applications simple and easy relating to all things Islamic, one of the most important programs, Ramadan 2018, which is looking a lot about loaded in preparation for karmic , you can download the program Muslim Pro for iPhone and Android free offers you many things like complete knowledge of all the dates of Azan and prayer times correctly and not wrong , as it depends on the settings that you can control it and put it in terms of geographical location and timing, and determine the qibla direction accurately wherever you are , where you can enable the various settings in the right way so you get the prayer timings are accurate , Where it includes a huge number of Muslims from throughout the Islamic world, where up to twenty-five million Muslims and above that .

تطبيق مسلم برو
Application Muslim Pro

Download app Muslim Pro

  • Application Source almosally

The application is considered the source of the best Islamic programs and the application of religious free comprehensive for every Muslim and Muslim to download it all times of the year its use is not restricted to the holy month of Ramadan , as it contains many of the nurses and the things that matter to any Muslim, such as prayer times and Azan you can know the time of the dawn prayer and prayer in America, or know the direction of qibla and the prayer times in the city and dates Azan in Mecca , through the banking application for iPhone and Android you can easily get all the information we need to perform phrase adopted and the statutes from anywhere in the world , And the important things that ITIS is Asia Ramadan 2018 easily and accurately you can use and download the program for the reception of the month of Ramadan 2018

تطبيق المصلي
Application Source

Download the Application Source

The free applications pertaining to the month of Ramadan 2018

  • Apply bag the jejunum

Applying a bag of the fasting person in Ramadan of the most important apps for Android see in the month of Ramadan 2018 , where the application contains specific guidance for eating suhoor health and the mysteries of Science , and articles about the benefits of fasting and the corners of his benefits in the treatment of many diseases. Application needs to bag a fasting person in Ramadan is very important and we need it very necessary in the month of Ramadan and it is the fatwas of Ramadan is a fatwa an important concern to every Muslim during the holy month , with a special section for containing the programs and opinions regarding a Muslim in the month of Ramadan .

Download and apply the bag to the jejunum for Android through the link

تطبيق يخص شهر رمضان
The application for the month of Ramadan

Download the application bag the jejunum

  • The application of Ramadan Legacy

Download the application Ramadan Legacy is necessary to see in the month of Ramadan 2018 being it helps them to manage many of the tasks and planning and organizing time where he reminds them of every detail that you must do in the holy month of Ramadan, urging them to do good and management of the groups and adherence to beliefs of the follow through their good intentions in Ramadan , where the app will send you notes and notifications remind you of what you need to do each day and a goal we achieve and accomplish it .

Whether this goal is to seal the Holy Quran once or several times it gives you the strategy to help you achieve that or the shock or donated to charity and the poor, and take out the zakat Al-Fitr , or keep prayer and administration doing prayers and tarawih prayers , the app helps you in achieving you goal your plan run and select the strategy that will work on it until you reach your goal, God willing, in the presence of faith and determination to exploit the holy month of Ramadan.

تطبيق ramadan legacy
The application of ramadan legacy

Download the application Ramadan Legacy

  • Apply for the night

At night, the honor of the believer is more the groups that raise the amount the insured when God is the greatest business you be rewarded for it insured a great reward, especially in the holy month of Ramadan where the action of the multiplier and the doors of forgiveness open sky , and in the month of Ramadan is the taraweeh prayer performed collectively every night of the holy month of Ramadan, from the heart of all Muslims, men and women, and in the year confirmed, so I burn most of fasting in Ramadan on their performance after breakfast, where the time after completion of the trays imposed, any prayer after dinner, and ends the time before the break of Dawn a little.

Download the application at night, which makes it easy to know prayer time for the night and called that night and explained the most important provisions and the texts and the commandments of the prophet of the Almighty about the importance of leadership night.

تحميل تطبيق قيام الليل
Download application night

Download application night

  • The Calendar application Hijri Hijri Calender

Care about the Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan heavily to the calendar or Hijri date and looking to find out the date today Hijri accurate or Best the download date from the Hijri to the calendar , the Calendar application Hijri for iPhone is very important and we should download it, as it offers the Muslims many services extra to learn Hijri date or the date of the day Ah is also important. conversion of Hijri calendar or convert the date from Hijri to Gregorian also considered a calendar of events, religious and administrative appointments and the time where they remind you been registered at any certain also take some account for religious occasions like the holy month of Ramadan .

You can download app Hijri calendar and date Hijri the identity of the iPhone and ios 10 free and easy and Converter Hijri calendar quickly through this FREE program

تقويم شهر رمضان المبارك
Calendar holy month of Ramadan

Download app Hijri calendar


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