The best applications of the month of Ramadan 2018 should be uploaded for download Ramadan kareem

Use of leisure time in Ramadan 2018 in the best way

With blockbuster the holy month of Ramadan on the Islamic this year begins, Muslims welcome the month of Ramadan 2018 through their ways and their customs, such as sending congratulatory messages coming of Ramadan or send pictures of Ramadan Kareem and Ramadan Mubarak LED and to congratulate the parents and relatives and colleagues and friends , Also in the holy month of Ramadan we find a lot of users of smartphones to accept to a great extent on downloading a lot of apps and Ramadan series for the 2018 and programs Ramadan 2018 and Asia Ramadan 2018, which targets some of the increase relates to the God Almighty which may be of application to read the Qur’an and other conversations some programs, religious in addition to some of the apps that disappear later, and some applications that facilitates fast and easy accomplish your tasks , And apps watch Ramadan series for the 2018 and religious programs in Ramadan and other than those things, a lot of that rushes upon many of the smartphone users in this topic from the website how the technique on the occasion of the coming Ramadan 2018 offer you a range of applications and programs must be downloaded on your mobile phone of any kind for the month of Ramadan .

Download apps for the table in the holy month of Ramadan

We celebrate in the month of Ramadan to a group of weather different from the rest of the months either an increase in Acts of worship, and it reminded her of Lucknow, cleaned and stimulation on the management of it to the fullest and use of the process multiplier in the holy month of Ramadan , and calculate the calories, and cleaning of breakfast and suhoor search for diet the month of Ramadan is appropriate , or applications helps us to realize and create our children to fast and worship the other, too, we find a lot are looking for shopping and fun things in this month of watching the Ramadan programs 2018 and the follow-up series Ramadan 2018 broadcast directly from the TV through certain apps , Stems read this topic to find the best apps of Ramadan you have downloaded on your mobile phone, whatever the quality of the EVO or from the phones operating system Android free .

Asia Ramadan 2018

Of course we celebrate in the month of Ramadan during the thirty day to Asia Ramadan, which through the application of asset of Ramadan, which specifies the time for breakfast and all the Arab states as well as a number of blessings of Ramadan are important , you think Asia Ramzan of the most important things that you should know accurately coordinate appointments and dates for breakfast as there is the application of many of the nurses other Rosary imessage lets you mentioned prayers as well as praise to the number, in addition to the work pause see and complete it at another time and you can apply asset Ramadan to know the direction of qibla through GPS, in addition to knowing the prayer times in many states.


Prayer times and Azan _ Application Source

Through download the Application Source Almosaly on your mobile phone will allow you to find prayer times and Azan accurately during the month of Ramadan, as soon as you enter the address, or geographical area , you can download the app on the phones iPhone and Android for free , where is one of the best religious apps for all months of the year not only for the month of Ramadan , as to recall at times of prayer and permission of stay depending on your city and alerts you to the dates of Azan and prayer voice Azan you choose , and a list of the dawn prayer, signed by the owners of your parents, and you and acquaintances, and Hijri calendar were calendar birth Lai year, Brokerage of a Muslim in Ramadan for the current year, and you can set for each prayer stop her own , it’s indispensable for any Muslim and helps you to evaluate cloak your daily prayer and fasting stated, the Holy Quran, the commandments and you’ll be connected to come on at all times .

تحميل تطبيق المصلي
Download the Application Source

Download the Application Source

Doaa Ramadan 2018 _ app Dua & azkar

In the holy month of Ramadan frequently gold and support women and exploitation because the doors of Paradise open and the answer is doubly and answered , through the download the support application and permission to test , you will be introduced to a group of duas Ramadan brothel breakfast and suhoor and prayer seal the Koran and night and night and many of the prayers and ear test , and the application presents Dua & Azkar many features and services that make it easy to hear duas da mp3 or mention smarter than the morning, and smarter than the sleeping and duas Ramadan or duas quote? about the prophet, and the ladder , And also duas Ramadan 2018 before breakfast and are after suhoor and duas Umrah dua for umrah

تحميل تطبيق الدعاء و الاذكار
Download the support application and permission to test
افضل تطبيقات عليك تحميلها في رمضان
The best apps you have downloaded in Ramadan


Download app Dua & azkar

Notice the Koran

Abound notice the Holy Quran in the holy month of Ramadan, and abound with the seal of the Quran and the application of the seal of one of the most important applications that help you on the hills of the Holy Quran by reminding you daily with flowers everyday that you allocate at the beginning of the use of the app , you can read through the Quran every day with a clear plan with a group of nurses are the last provided by the seal application also offers the user the supplication of sealing the full , know more on its features by downloading on your phone

تحميل تطبيق ختمة
Download the stamp application.

Download the stamp application.


Too many are looking for applications and programs enable us to hear the Holy Quran Mp3 in the times when we can’t read , of through download application Quran mp3 free download on your phone you can hear the Holy Quran without internet is simple and divided into pieces, and you can search for any Surah by and specify the name of the reader that you want.

Download Quran mp3


General downloaded in Ramadan 2018 :

Usually have spare time in the month of Ramadan a lot of hours of time that you can’t do anything physical , you can exploit it by downloading the game SIP Ramadan possible between the mine and the male and crossword puzzles and is similar to the game link , game-throwing culture, Ramadan is a Ramadan contest of cultural variety , pose riddles and questions manifold, such as the question about what kind of car present in the image or mark the car consists of 9 letters and many of the questions , And you can skip stages to solve all questions, puzzle, or stage, that’s what attracts the user to download the game cultural advanced stages , load the game and sip on your phone is to exploit the free time in the month of Ramadan what is entertaining and wholesome

استغلال وقت الفراغ في رمضان
Use of leisure time in Ramadan

Download game SIP Ramadan

Ramadan series for the 2018 and TV shows

Of through download application Live net TV you can follow all the series of Ramadan 2018 and Ramadan programs on satellite TV at the same moment and follow the channel was straight , one of the best programs to watch TV channels and follow-up to Ramadan series 2018 , where you can watch high quality and accuracy in the presentation of broadcast direct free download on your mobile phone to record the follow-up to Ramadan programs, Ramadan series broadcast directly from the net without the need for TV channels .
Where the application contains a lot of famous canals, classified by categories , to satisfy all tastes and requests , also dozens of sitcoms and movies .

برامج رمضان المبارك 2018
Programs of Ramadan 2018

Download live net tv

Apply watch-net shahid net also gives you watch all Ramadan series 2018 in high quality with live broadcast and considered the best sites to watch movies and serials Arab and Western, movies translated and serials dubbed , the website saw Net the official network channels MBC MBC satellite online The can you watch TV series Ramadan 2018 and TV programs across the see net directly online very high quality HD and without cutting it , load it on your phone with ease now.

Download saw net.

Diet Ramadan and calculate the calories

The month of Ramadan can be a very good chance of losing weight and getting perfect body, only if you follow a suitable diet with do some exercises for slimming and a balanced diet , there are a lot of apps that facilitate it. here it gave you the diets varied based on the nature of your body and budget to be decided by, In addition to the counter of calories in each food served, and the camera sports activity you need to lose the desired weight , You know the most important ways to diet and healthy Ramadan and the most important apps to calculate the calories through this thread and download the applications where all participate in the diet or diet Ramadan whether the application of diet Ramadan or the application Noom coach who is considered the best school of electronic and application to calculate the calories myfitness bal all that you should use it and follow the tips to get satisfactory results after the month of Ramadan you don’t need to stop the system food and dieting and sports in the month of Ramadan but you can order and make our peace on a Special diet the holy month of Ramadan

Ways to diet and healthy Ramadan and calculate the calories

Teaching kids to fast and follow-up the groups :

Application QamarDeen apps Ramadan 2018, which possess the idea characteristic make millions says download , where lets you follow all your efforts to daily spiritual prayer and fasting and recitation of the Koran to help you measure your status and follow-up and organize your achievements and religious work of the communities and worship in the month of Ramadan , and when watching the child given made of the prayers and read the Koran and believe it will give him more motivation to continue and Hamas to reach the highest stages in the application to do the work and maintenance performance in full in the month of Ramadan .

تطبيق متابعة الصيام و النشاط في رمضان
Application follow-up fasting and active during Ramadan

Download app Qamardeen

The best applications cook eat Ramadan 2018

Considers the application of the plates of the months, applications cooking and especially in the month of Ramadan, the month of tables and spells , and the application provides you a huge variety of sweets Eastern and Western how to learn the work of sweets and quick bites in the right way and is a free app for all devices Android life features of the app are simple and easy.

Considered the application of my dishes Atbaki to teach cooking for Android life of the best and most powerful applications of cooking without the net in the world where got the app on the admiration of millions of people around the world , load it now on your phone ,

تحميل اطباقي رمضان
Download dishes during Ramadan

Application download bowls.

Delivery food and restaurant guide in Ramadan

The application requests talabat be one of the leading application delivery restaurants in the Middle East , it is considered the application requests Talabat service food delivery and overseas orders of the quickest ways to order food in Saudi Arabia and in 28 other state across the world, you can download the app on your phone android and iPhone and start taking advantage of it in the month of Ramadan 2018

تحميل تطبيق طلبات 2018
Download application applications 2018

Download application applications for restaurants

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