The best camera in the world the phones will become better: new information about the camera Pixel 3

It is known that camera phones series Pixel is the main thing that make a lot of users expect to buy series phones, after phones, Google’s official pre-Pixel point the users loyal to Google and Android raw.

As got phone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL for the title of best camera in the world of smart phones with features of artificial intelligence that enjoys the camera, it seems certain that the phone Pixel 3 version it will continue to provide the experience of excellent photography.

We watched thanks to the delivery of samples and great show the quality of the camera in the next phone. Today appeared new details leaked by private sources of 9to5Google talking about new front and rear cameras.

Super Silva

Of the reasons for the large size of the extrusion in the phone Pixel 3 XL is the fit on the two cameras front. It is a great change on the direction Google (bragging about it) and to compensate the absence of the second camera features artificial intelligence which is succeeded already in the phone last year.

Although the phone still has a camera background of one of the back, however, Google decided to offer two cameras from the front because the artificial intelligence won’t be able to compensate an important feature in cameras selfie a wide angle. Since according to the arrangements of the second Camera Lens – Wide Angle allows to show more of the detail within the shot, as it will improve the effect (bokeh) – a camouflage background.

Anything that stills the front end will be supported by artificial intelligence with the lens again, the impact of the quality multiplier may launch google it -according to the information – The name of the super selfie Super Selfie. Will also be adding new features to the camera application to improve the status of the facial and rounded picture.

Rear camera

Sample one shows stills from the phone Pixel 3 XL

As we know, has made a rear camera in the Pixel 2 from the quality what to miss out on other flagship phones that came with cameras, thanks to owning the phone for processing again, particularly artificial intelligence and image processing name of the Visual Core. New in Pixel 3 owning to the new version of Visual Core going beyond technology +HDR without revealing the source for more information.

As for the accuracy of the cameras, there are no assurances right now, but the leaks talking about the 12.2 megapixel rear camera and 8.1 megapixel camera for each camera of the two cameras front.

There is no doubt that the device will come with the best photography experience possible on any smartphone, but would that be to compensate for the magnitude of the net? Or would it be better just to front camera with one of reducing the area of the net? For me, I prefer the second option of course being the number of selfies that I took ranging from 3 to 0 per year! But what for you? Do you represent you camera selfie is all this important? Let me know in the comments.

The best camera in the world the phones will become better: new information about the camera Pixel 3 was first deployed in the are.

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