The best chargers portable for Apple

Enjoy the Apple Watch battery life depends on you for most of the day. However, in some use cases, you may need to give the former another batch of energy. Read on to learn about the best accessories chargers portable Power Banks for Apple.

This kit is a good choice if you are traveling and you don’t want to bring a full range of cables and shipping modules, as they provide the charging magnetic for Apple TV.

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Needs this charger mobile rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2,200 mAh with a dedicated place to charge the Apple Watch. Charger Ugreen Portable Travel certified MFi includes USB-A which allows you to charge the iPhone and other devices quickly.

Tea for 53.95 USD on Amazon.


أفضل الشواحن المحمولة لساعة آبل

If your goal is to get the charger is adapted to the load smoothly, the chain of keys Griffin Travel Power Bank is an excellent option. It is paired with a keyboard, like another key, which has a capacity to 1050 mAh, and can almost recharge the Apple Watch twice.

Available Series the keys to the Griffin Travel Power Bank for the $ 31.


أفضل الشواحن المحمولة لساعة آبل

If you are looking for something more powerful, the company MIPOW sell a special charger for Apple certified MFi and has a capacity of 6,000 mAh. This will give you about 10 full shipments for the Apple TV during the development.

Needs this charger is also the cable Lightning ROM, which makes it easy to charge both the iPhone and Apple TV at the same time while traveling.

The charger is available at a price of $ 99.99.

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