The best door bells smart available through Amazon

When it comes to knowing who’s behind the door before you answer it, the best of technology is the bells connected smart camera lets you see who is standing on the threshold of the door any time you’re anywhere, and you can make conversation through your phone or your computer.. here are the best bells of the Smart Drive according to nominated by audits and assessments of Amazon.


You can see through the camera of the Bell stands on the threshold of the door, where the broadcast of the bell video 1080p via an application available for phones and tablets running Android or iOS Les windows or Mac, you get a notice when the sensor Bell motion near the door of the house or when you rang the bell, and allows you to communicate with him by fasting and prayer, and continues on the bell on one charge for three full months and can be recharged by cable Micro USB.

Price: 199$
Purchase: Amazon


Supports buzzer three levels of lighting to give you a broadcast quality colour all times of the day, as it lets more of the level of the motion sensor around the door, and you can adjust it to take pictures automatically when you approach a door without ringing the bell, as you can link it locks the Smart Company, August so that you can open the door remotely when you identify the visitor.

Price: 200$
Purchase: Amazon


It is also broadcast live video and tells you notifications if it senses movement in front of the door, but it requires to connect it also like the bells and the normal working electrolyte, instead of adopting rechargeable battery.

Price: 249$
Purchase: Amazon

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Broadcast-quality video HD which is a lower quality than the competitors, but the low price justifies it, especially as it enjoyed a time of good response, and supports the Assistant Google, Alexa, and you can schedule alerts so that they do not get in certain times.

Purchase: Amazon

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