The best fish that were detected in the #CES2018

This theme is the best fish that were detected in the #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

Witness the CES every year the emergence of a number of new headphones, and this year has been to provide a large number of headphones and Earphones from companies like Sony, Audeze and many other companies.

There are a number of techniques popular in these headphones features like noise isolation and active, headphones of the ear completely wireless and plugin the in-built voice assistant Google voice assistant Amazon audio “Alexa”. This is a list of the best headphones that appeared in the CES 2018.

Headset ATH-ANC700BT from Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT

Do not create lists of headphones to hear at least one of the Japanese company Audio-Technica, the Company this year launched a number of different headsets at CES, but most notable was the headset with tape neck ATH-DSR5BT headphones ATH-ANC700BT.

Headset ATH-ANC700BT is the latest of a set of headphones QuietPoint provided by the company the advantage of isolating the noise, the company claims it is blocking 90% of the external noise surrounding; in addition to that these headphones support voice aptx wireless and can run high-quality sound using the cable. The battery life provided by this headset is similar to the presentation of the sky leading companies in the market, when you run the feature noise isolation can give you up to 25 hours of use on a single charge, or up to 45 hours if you use the wired mode. This will be the heavens available from the spring at a price of $ 199.

Headset ATH-DSR5BT from Audio-Technica

Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT

Headset ATH-DSR5BT headphones are more interesting than its predecessor, it comes with the company’s Pure Digital, which helps in connecting the individual signal full.

The inside of the ear pieces there are tablets Double stage disc contains 9.8 mm the face of the disc 8.8 millimeters, they move in opposite directions, which helps reduce the jamming.

Supports clear voice aptx HD Bluetooth, which means it can get high-resolution audio 24-bit through a wireless connection if you have compatible files and powered. Will also benefit from immediate response for all your sound files other.

Going to be the headset’s new terms of neck available in the spring of 2018 at a price of 349$.

Headset Everest 310GA of JBL

JBL Everest 310GA

Presented JBL headphones Everest 310GA over the ear headphones 710GA the top of the ear, with the assistant Google Voice ROM which is available to only touch the ear pieces, and you can ask a question out loud to help Google respond to you in the sky, there is no need to say the words Hey Google to do it.

Headset Everest 310GA supports Bluetooth connectivity, and voice control mean that I don’t have to worry about get the phone out of your bag. Also there are buttons for on the ear pieces if you prefer to talk with your hand.

The sky will be available in the spring priced at $ 199.

Headset iSine LX from Audeze

Audeze iSine LX

Products Audeze different from other organizations; but they offer featured products. And headset iSine LX the same Technology found in headphones the previous company iSine 10 وiSine 20; but in the structure of different design and cheaper price. Despite price $ 199 cheapest but the company claims you’ll get excellent performance, are contain magnetic Fluxor technology Uniforce voice-coil to keep the voice clear and delicate, with capacity control deep sound the bass.

And like previous models you can pay extra to get cable Cipher that connects the headphones to the iPhone using the Lightning connector, but it adds interest to deal with audio by Converter DAC. When experience the sky has been note that has been improving the quality of the music significantly using a DAC/Amplifier.

Headphones are available for purchase from the United States now.

Headphones Play H9i from B&O

B&O Play H9i

The company Bang & Olufsen provide new model of headphones top of the ear; but the best is the headphone Play H9i which are an updated version of the headset BeoPlay H9.

Headset H9i come by an improved design, the discs is greater than aluminum containing buttons to touch to get to the outer part, with the ear cushions thinner. Also lost the system has been improved noise-blocking activity of the ANC, which became the best at blocking ambient noise, in addition to setting the transparency of the new allows you to turn off the music immediately, you’ll be familiar with your plans. Using the proximity sensor can of the headset to detect when you remove it and turn off the music automatically.

There is a separate bass further improve the response to the sound of the bass, to sound more immersive than ever before. Also you will get longer battery life than previous models-four hours, thanks to internal circuitry redesigned.

Headset H9i will be available for purchase starting January 25 at a price of $ 615.

Headset Uprise from House of Marley

House of Marley Uprise

Although the specifications of the headset Uprise wireless new, non-remarkable, but what distinguishes them is their design, are built from silicon, non-toxic and resin composite with the fibers of the wood. The company has entered into a partnership with the Group One Tree Planted, non-profit, and a percentage of every sale to them to help in the global efforts to reforestation and sustainability.

Headset Uprise the cost of $ 99.99, which is weather-resistant standard IPX5 for use during the training whether inside or outside the home.

Headset Elite 65t andElite Active 65t from Jabra

Jabra Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t

The company Jabra this year’s re-design of the wireless earbuds, and a number of nurses. Headset Elite 65t elite Active 65t are two models of the same product, designed headset Elite Active 65t to be suitable for sports over the headset Elite 65t has been designed for everyday use.

Can customize the headphones 65t through the application of the company’s Sound+, and can work up to 5 hours out of the consignment note, in addition to having a card in the clipboard which can be through to up the running time of the fish to 15 hours before the need to drink again.

Containing the heavens for a system of four microphones built which ensures clear sound in calls, as well as the presence of voice assistant Alexa.

Headset Elite Active 65t characterized by the presence of standard IP56 for resistance to water and dust, measure tightly to cut off the ear fit and the lens help to track activity; but, unfortunately, there is no sensor to monitor heart rate.

Headset Elite 65t will be available in mid-January at a price of $ 170, the headset Elite Active 65t will be available sometime in April at a price of $ 190.

Hear the Track+ from Libratone

Libratone Track+

The Libratone launch earbuds the leading terms of the neck as Track+, which has been designed to be easy to wear, comfortable and discreet, which is resistant to spray standard IPX4.

Like Ear Headphones leading currently this speaker comes with noise-blocking activity, and you can choose between 4 levels to block out the noise depending you the noise that you want to access by you; and one of these situations is to put a Hush that allows the arrival of all the outside noise to be aware of what’s around you without the disarmament of the heavens.

Will be the launch of the headset Libratone Track+ later summer this year at a price of $ 232, will be launched to hear the other without the blocking feature active noise price $ 165.

Sony headset WF-SP700N

Sony WF-SP700N

Through the years Sony has updated the earbuds and headphones top of the ear, the company has announced this year’s speaker WF-SP700N which it claims is the first wireless headset in ear with noise isolation design, anti-spray, which means that you can wear daily or during training.

Was designed of heaven to be cut off the ear of the leadership of tightly inside your ear, thanks to fin, the fish with bow and cut-out ear and so are the state on the capacity of assistant to Google Voice.

This will be the fish available in June 2018 at a price of $ 180.

Headset N5005 from AKG

AKG N5005

Headphones ear flagship from AKG combine all the expertise of the brand to get the audio experience unmatched at the price of $ 1000, headset N5005 gives you the best what you can get in all the features.

Come fish with Penta Drive Image reference inside the ear, can modify images through the use of one of the 4 filters to achieve sounds with low frequencies, high and medium.

Cable system removable gives you sound with high precision up to 40,000 Hz, in addition to the possibility to remove the pictures available with aptx HD Audio HD via Bluetooth with a battery life up to 8 hours.

All headphone N5005 come with a production number of its own and with a special preservative, cleaning kit, 4 sets of ear pieces in addition to the 3 sets of pieces SpinFit.


This theme is the best fish that were detected in the #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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