The best four phones for the safety and privacy

All of the cares about privacy, so maybe most of us have the iPhone, but you will learn there are phones, and the Android system has become too safe for the user significantly, and certainly information security is important, so what if I knew more specifically what you have does not contain privacy and security! This thing is simply your smart phone, you carry in your pocket is a tracking device over being a phone under the gel interests you! Learn your towers and cell phones as well as satellite due to the presence of the GPS on your phone. As well as your phone’s data connection and tracking cookies, most importantly, the Advertising ID, and Usage Statistics, permissions different applications, whether for the camera or the mic, or e-mail or networking sites, etc. All of this is tracked! Yes, most smart phones are very bad privacy-wise unless, of course, very few will remember her in our article.

Indispensable to us about smart phones is there a phone or a secure system guarantees me privacy and security actually real? In fact, this is a difficult question and the answer is harder. So the site gadgethacks done research on the higher categories of smartphones that currently exist. And research key factors such as strength of encryption, biometrics such as fingerprints, hands, face and security with the help of external devices, VPN, correct or fill in the gaps. And they could have access to four smart phones can guarantee you this Privacy.

The major points of comparison

When it comes to comparing phones Final Four, these are the key factors to focus on privacy and security:

◉ Biometrics or Biometrics

Is the control system of the person through the parts of the body are identified through their personal identity automatically based on the attributes of his description of his personal and special from the rest of humanity. Such as fingerprints, and palm prints of the face, and Iris. The cooperation of these metrics and then stored in a database to be called when needed. This means you think fast and accurate at the same time.

◉ Consultation

All of these phones depends on two types of encryption:

– First: encrypt files focuses not short(FBE), which means that different files are encrypted codes are different, also supports the possibility to open each file independently, you can access to apps such as home, phone calls, cameras and stuff like once you activate the phone. This encryption is the most effective and prevalent.

– The second type of encryption: encrypting the entire disk the short (FDE) by encrypting all information on the hard drive completely including user data, operating system, cannot access to anything until you unlock the phone. So for maximum protection.

Each of these four phones used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as it is a safe way to consult due to the length of the encryption key. Used some of these phones keys 128-bit to decrypt the data, some of which uses the most advanced keys are 256-bit.

◉ Security with the help of external devices

All of the phones on our list of used components or chip private insurance and decrypt data.

◉ User accounts in the sandbox “the sandbox”

This is the most important characteristic of these phones with us on the list as it is adopted by Apple in their systems feature SandBox for system applications as well as for the user account must be Sandboxed i.e., the inside of the sand box does not come out of it and up to the applications to permissions.

◉ Restrict tracking ads

All the other phones that are running Android is installed with a tracking ID and ads at the level of the whole system to help companies track you and track your interests and display ads targeting you. Are you that concerned while using the apps and services on your phone. Apple is seeking to restrict the ability of applications to display this knowledge and use it.

◉ Use a VPN

VPN is a network of fake users created to send and receive data between the device and the Internet or another device to ensure the passage of the securely encrypted and called one.

With Android devices you can use VPN with any type of data connection. The iPhone you can use VPN only connection through Wi-Fi, except in the case of work reset your device and scan it and use it in put things by using your Mac to get VPN on phone data.

◉ Prevent Internet access to applications

If you want to keep your bouquet online and access applications or files to the device to use Internet with the Android devices you can use application NetGuard is an open source application for any app on your device to access the internet. Where you can, thanks to this application to ease the use of the balance of your phone data, it also helps you save battery power and prolong its life. Of course, it’s the application protects your privacy. The iPhone you can easily disable the phone data for investigations only in the case of Wi-Fi access, not restrict investigations.

◉ Data wipe after failed login

Containing some of the phones on the property lead to the automatic reset to the source when someone tries to enter the password many times wrong. This is good for intruders or, in the case the phone is lost.

◉ Vulnerability ( CVEs )

One of the most serious gaps that have been discovered at all given the size of the damage caused and the number of infected machines. This gap targeting devices running Android and iOS system and Mac and Linux and others. So it is important to recognize the strength and weakness of the devices that are with us for this gap.

◉ Time frame to patch the gaps

Obviously Apple do not adhere to the given time to issue updates after the other, as soon as you discover any risk help released a security update immediately it is possible to issue a challenge to speakers in one week. For for Android it is possible to issue the update after a month or perhaps months and targeted at the first copy of the OME or the original raw specifically designed for the Google company and then distributed to other devices. Since the Google phone pix 2 is a phone company Google, surely will get the security updates first.

◉ Bonuses security or Bug Bounties

Companies usually offer technical cash rewards to anyone who finds weaknesses or gaps in their systems and programmes which lead to the increasing discoveries of the gaps and thus companies issue updates to close these gaps, this is among the causes of the delay of iOS systems-iOS for the case of Apple, where the discoverers of the gaps by selling it to Apple.

How was the selection of these devices?

◉ To be these phones to the default mode of encryption to ensure the protection of your data.

◉ To buy the phones on bills or statements access to some features such as the camera or microphone.

◉ These phones contain a property lock or remote wipe in case your phone is stolen or lost.

◉ What differentiates these devices is the presence of a security with the help of other devices such as in the case of Apple they use chip encryption to increase security. In Android especially crude version of the original fan to root or root system is mostly based on the Linux kernel which need the powers of the route to get to the root of the system and the introduction of amendments and changes such as the case of iOS in Apple devices. That means the presence of a physical barrier between the attacker and regulations, must be hacked need physical access to the system, this is something very difficult and rare occurrence and almost impossible at times. This is lacking in most phones other people.

There is no doubt that there are devices of the family of these devices applies the same word like iPhone 7, Samsung S8 but we mentioned the newest devices because they are the strongest in the area of privacy and protection, namely:

BlackBerry KEYone

The term BlackBerry is synonymous with security and privacy. The company is proud to make its phones as safe as possible. And even after I moved the BlackBerry to the Android system to operate its own devices, supported by security features and privacy. This is the phone of the best smart phones that achieve a high degree of privacy and security for users.

Every time you turn the phone, the phone will take extra steps to ensure no one has tampered with your phone or not hacked, the injection of cryptographic keys in the wizard steps to backup in order not to be the manipulation of the device. Means with all the beginning is checked the phone thoroughly to look for any change or amendment to the “inspection of flour”.

Since the Linux kernel more vulnerable to hacking and attacks are different, the BlackBerry works to release periodic updates to patch or strengthen weak points.

In addition, it has added the BlackBerry software mini to phones only and can not be used on other devices to demonstrate that the privacy of its customers above all, take an example, the application of the Privacy Shade that prevents extremists from watching what you do on your phone. This app turns the screen into black color only a small part determined by you explains other settings you can modify to what suits your use.

Also there is another advantage, which is to open the device using picture password or a Picture Password through the settings you can adjust certain number on a certain place in the image of your choice, and when you open the phone you move the grid of numbers including the number you chose and then put it on the place that you select To unlock the device without anyone to know or see a password to open the lock.

You can watch this video

In addition to that, the BlackBerry KEYone equipped with security system that allows DTEK watching your phone especially the apps and check their behavior, and alerts you if you go out any application of the ordinary, such as if an application attempted to access to the messages or want to send your site the system tells you immediately as it evaluates the current safety of the phone especially the occurrence of any glitch in the armor protection and you.

Finally, I tested the BlackBerry system disk encryption, not encryption-based files. This is of the best standards of encryption type AES-128 existing.

iPhone X

Known for Apple computers whole operating system iOS is closed source, the power protection and privacy is superior to most systems currently existing. What differentiates Apple from the others is the Frequent security updates and speed of issuance on the reverse systems Google open source because of the multiplicity of companies used that system, each company will lend more amendments on the system including those facing their own policies, making successive updates rather difficult, unlike Apple with the closed system we just. As well as the latest system for Apple works on the majority of its organs while the latest Android system does not work except on only 0.5% of devices running Android.

Another advantage of the system, iOS, is the ability to deal with encryption. Both iOS and Android using encryption based on files, but Apple’s model is much more accurate. Since Apple systems encrypts all your files and statements separately and by using the unique key. Then encrypt this key by another key derived from the user’s pass code and hardware.

This second group of keys download files based on their contents. For files that require a higher level of security, open the keyboard of its content only after you run the device and unlock it. As for the other files, it must authenticate only once to access them.

The number of times the system iOS for the CVEs is much less than the Android system engage in each year. Since last year increased gaps CVEs in iOS to 204 while in the Android system increased by 318 in the same period.

Because of Apple’s system enclosed fan shop by virtually the presence of malicious software other than the Android system. Where that Apple are reviewing applications manually by a team of specialists at Apple.

Another key point in that the reason why we choose iPhone X and iPhone 8 is the imprint of the face despite the presence of cases of hack that we saw online only to mark the face more secure than fingerprint.

Apple has taken steps to ensure that the data fingerprint face as safe as possible. Because it is encrypted map of the destination and stored in a safe place, isolated inside the iPhone X with the exception of diagnostic data to support the Apple, while the imprint of the face does not leave the device never. As for the comments requesting fingerprint authentication face Fitch I know its from far away by the iOS system that the authentication is successful and can in no way access the app yourself to face data.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung uses in this phone security features and protection similar to used in BlackBerry, known as Samsung Knox this platform provides security protection at a deep level that combines both hardware and software. Aim platform Samsung Knox separate your work environment from the personal environment and provide the necessary protection because of the isolation of each area from the other, This is called the technology of the container sometimes.

Similar to BlackBerry, the phone of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 entitled to protection using many of the nurses. And it all starts from the root built with the components of the machine where it is injected to root in the space provided (the encryption key) through the manufacturing process and can be accessed only in a secure environment known as the zone of confidence. This key is unique in Note 8.

Needs Note 8 to open the Secure Boot or take-off of the safe. He is responsible for the control and examination of each component during take-off to ensure that no manipulation of anything. These keyboards are used to secure the take-off which is a mechanism designed to prevent users from changing the device’s operating system or manipulate it. Change to root or amendment, it certainly affects the integrity, security and privacy. However, the users were able to manipulate the rotavirus and it, unlike the BlackBerry. That’s what made it in the late for his predecessors.

Supports Samsung not refer to the earlier systems, this ensures the playback of the Note 8 with the latest operating systems.

Pixel 2 Or Pixel 2 XL

The transfer of pixels 2 of the authentication process of a secure environment relies on software known as TrustZone or secure mode the Processor even if the nuclear breakthrough, to the chip Physical port or what is known as a SOC or System on a chip which contain all the necessary data for authentication on a pix 2 Your. It is also resisting all attacks based on software or processors, and provides high-level protection.

Unlike the majority of Android devices phone my pixels running on the latest version of the Android system has pledged Google to provide updates to these devices for a period of three years. Issued monthly updates to protect your phone from any potential threats.

Google’s offering financial rewards to offer two hundred thousand dollars for find a dangerous security threat to their systems which is the highest in this list has created a program for it. The program is open to the Public, you can search in the base system pixel 2 for any security vulnerability, and on the water.

Continue BlackBerry Keyone in topped the list, deservedly. And for the company to obtain multiple certifications including FIPS 140-2 kernel encryption. As well as iPhone X and iOS that stood in front of the FBI or Federal Bureau of investigation in the United States unable to unlock the phone to be helped by the Apple in it.

Do you agree with our list? What smartphone you think is the best in security and privacy? Let us know in the comments below.



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