The best games of light for Android and iPhone 2018, The Battleship game and other cooperative awesome

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This article will appeal to phone users of Economic because we’ll show you the featured games and light size

1 – the game Grivity Rider

Graphics of this game and the options offered by you suitable significantly compared with its small size you drive your motorcycle on the most dangerous and weirdest tracks full of slopes and turns coming that will try to lose your balance so be careful and try to study your rational and not reckless in order to win all the stages, the game gives you complete freedom in customizing your bike, not only this but you can also change the controls and is free with purchases on the inside for both the Android and IOS game size to 45 MB .

Grivity Rider Android

Grivity Rider Evo

2 -the game Dooble Army 2 – Mini Militia

Battleship game multiplayer you can play online with 6 players from different parts of the world or with 12 players connected to the same Wi-Fi network, your goal is to kill all players in order to be the winner in the Battle of course you’ll have to use different weapons that allow you Game of gun and grenades and other lethal weapons, for controls check they are intuitive and will learn easily, the game is available free of charge with purchases on the inside for both Android and iOS its size and the size of the game up to 47 MB .

Dooble Army 2 Android

Dooble Army 2 Evo

3 – the game BombSquad

Despite its small size and some are simple, but it really may make you addicted to it, is also a free online game provided by many of the other players in the environments the game a different variety either alone or in collaboration with your friends, where you can configure a team of 8 players possible in the game is the bizarre characters and fighting method unique is that the everyone in the game is the possibility to run at a specific phone and controlled from another phone via the application of the BombSquad of the game is available for free on Android and IOS with purchases inside it, the size of the game 58 MB .

BombSquad Android

BombSquad Evo

4 – the game The Pit

All you have to do in this game is to surpass all the traps on you, and stay steadfast for the longest possible distance the centre of the track is teeming with barriers that will be a circus, controls game control is very easy all you have to do is press the screen to jump and the pressure of the lengthy curvature we collect the number of money in order to buy other new characters to play them is that you can compete with your friends who stays alive the longest distance of the game is available for free on Android and IOS and its size is 18 MB .

The Pit Android

The Pit Evo

5 -game Flip Trickster

If you have ever dreamed of mastering the sport of parkour it is possible to get even this game where you will engine player parkour, trying to jump from the heights increase with the progress in the stages and levels of the task will not be easy. for this you have to be patient and trying again and again to the game not this what distinguishes this game is that the stages are not fixed i.e. they occur and are constantly changing, you can experience all this free of charge on Android and IOS with purchases within the game and its size is 45 MB .

Flip Trickster Android

Flip Trickster Evo

The best games of light for Android and iPhone 2018, The Battleship game and other cooperative awesome

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