The best hotel bookings lowest prices summer of 2018 download application traveler

Apply traveller’s best to book hotels in the Arabian Gulf on Android and iPhone

Apply traveler for Android and iPhone , download the program Flyer to facilitate travel and booking of hotels free of charge through a mobile phone , much prefer to use a mobile phone to book the hotel booking reference which goes while traveling to save time and procedures of the travel and aviation in the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia and the UAE , is the application of the availability of the best apps and programs to book hotels through the internet on a mobile phone and became preferred by a lot of people , get to know more of the features of the program the traveler to book hotels that distinguish it from other and procedures book hotels while traveling , And you make Search in travel sites and booking hotels online now from your mobile phone you can book the hotel you prefer to stay in through the website the traveler you can see the features that gives you the application of the traveler , go ahead, read the following topic from the website how the technology to be able to download the application available on Android and iPhone .

Flyer program on Android and iPhone

Download the application Flyer to book hotels for iPhone and Android is one of the best travel programs and book hotels and flight up to the year , the program is used in the booking of hotels around the world online through the Android phones as you can now book any hotel you want from the Internet by applying the traveler via your Android phone, as this program offers a lot of different hotels scattered around the world, there are approximately 525 thousand hotel inside this program, There are a lot of users of Android phones want to book the hotels through Android phones and phones iPhone and iPad their own, so advise them to download the application the availability of new phones android the user in booking hotels

افضل عروض الفنادق و حجوزات الطيران
The best deals hotels and airline bookings


Away from Global Services to book hotels online from the website of the traveler there are also services stroller will grow and bring great successes of them, traveling that operates from Ramallah, Palestine.

In contrast, there is another service managed from Saudi Arabia since 2013, which provide also book hotels in different states and cities of the Gulf and the Arab and international also.

There are more than 500 thousand a knows you to apply to the traveler booking the rooms and take advantage of their services, they have more than 300 employees working around the clock 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Focuses the traveler also offers reductions possible and also suggest the best hotels for the users to help them choose the best at the lowest possible cost.

Campaign application, traveling through this topic from the website how the technique which is the application months for flight bookings and hotels : download application, traveling

And download application this service is about a million times from Google Play in is also available for the iPhone in the Store app store, which is free as the rest of the apps competition.

The app supports both Arabic and English in focuses on the users and passengers in the Persian Gulf primarily as work supports, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and also Qatar in addition to the work of the two world wars the euro and also the dollar.

And because the electronic payment solution is still not pervasive in these markets as the rest of the Arab markets, the app offers booking through its support upon arrival to the hotel, can be booked over the phone also.

Presentations provided by the application of the availability of the user

Submit application to book hotels traveler New a lot of different hotels around the world for users to be able to book the hotel you want to spend the time without problems , this program supports the Arabic language so that they can book the hotels that you want it more easily, The program offers the traveler you a lot of information and important details of your hotel as you can find out the number of floors of the hotel and pictures of hotels of all places and the services it provides to tenants and many of Information other tasks and in the information and details provided by the programme of hotel booking users is the final price for the booking in hotels as it offers you a very cheap price Non-Negotiable so you can book hotels more easily .

تحميل تطبيق المسافر
Download the application Flyer

And the traveler is better to book hotels and flight :

Enjoy the application the availability of one software attractive and simple also has been facilitating various benefits including search and browse hotels and check its different.

This allows you to intelligent search engine to look for the hotel which achieves your comfort when you come down to spend the holidays or period of work, where allows you to specify the city and number of rooms you wish to book and the maximum is 4 most often, this along with the identification of the category of guests including adults and children and also the date of entry and date of exit from the hotel, and then you press the search to get the best results.

مميزات تطبيق المسافر
Features the application of the traveler

You will get the Search Results page urges the eponymous hotels available, which comes with the price and also the number of Ratings and the value ratings of 5 stars, they are arranged from most rated to least.

And for the record, the application of the traveler is application which shows you the official price of the Search Results page include taxes and service costs.

Include the page of every hotel the geographical location of the hotel on the map and also photos of your room and its facilities, along with the available rooms for booking and more information on the hotel you intend to book him, as also related to all services provided by the hotel, including Newspapers, Free Parking, Free services and other possible like the club sport also.

Way to book hotels and flight from the application of the traveler :

The program features hotels booking the traveler a small size and with the size of the program the traveler to 15 MB, and this app requires Android 4.1 or higher, since this program does not work on version Android phones that are under, it also features software hotel booking New that there is a new version of its own and is 1.2 offers you a more intuitive interface and simple to book hotels, , number times download application the traveler to book hotels from 100000 to 500000 times download.

Clicking on Book now, you’ll have to enter your full name, email address, telephone number, and payment card information electronic.

In the event that you get a coupon for Have you can enter it too for a discount special up sometimes to more than 25 percent.


احجز الان الفندق و تذاكر الطيران عبر تطبيق المسافر
Book now, hotel and airline tickets over the application of the traveler

And does not require you to register to use it which is positive, valuations of hotels are from the previous residents which is reliable and not driven, it is understood that these services are trying to the possible revisions that can be propagated for the same level of bad and make it appear in the search results by good hotels.

You can pay also through the app in advance and obtain booking information and therefore do not need to pay anything upon arrival to the hotel.

Link to download app traveler’s best to book hotels in the Arabian Gulf

Expected application of the available for free on Android as well as iPhone and you can download it from Google Play Free for phones operating system of Google, you can download it for free from the App Store for Apple TV.

Download the app for Android

Download the application flyer for iPhone

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