The best Linux apps for Chrome OS

We already wrote an article about how to install Linux application on Chrome OS is via the Debian container. This function is initially intended for developers, however, will be useful to those who wish to obtain quality software that is not available in Google Play, the Chrome OS. This article represents the best solution for your laptop from the Linux repositories.


Why users are not willing to switch to Chrome OS? The reason is the lack of apps for professional work on projects. For example, in Chrome OS, no Photoshop. You can try to install it through CrossOver, but there’s an alternative — the use of GIMP. This is the best image editor Linux. It supports many formats and has a lot of tools, brushes, you can work with layers.

To install GIMP, I use the following command:

apt-get install gimp

It is worth noting that in the Debian repos is not the latest version of the editor (2.8). Version 2.10 can be installed using Flatpak (installation instructions Flatpak):

sudo install flatpak


Of course, you can use cloud office services Google or Microsoft, but you can always download an Open-Source solution LibreOffice. This office package with huge possibilities. It consists of several applications: Write (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet editor), Impress (presentation editor) and Draw (vector graphics editor). LibreOffice supports including Microsoft Office formats and even Apple’s Pages, Keynote, Numbers.

Install the package with the following command:

sudo apt install libreoffice libreoffice-gtk3


Is the email client. Android customers have a bad user interface adapted for large displays, so Geary would be a great desktop solution for people who often use mail. The main drawback is the lack of notification support Chrome OS.


sudo apt install geary

Visual Studio Code

This is the best code editor at the moment. It supports terminal, auto-completion, debugging, and has built-in tools Git version control with fast creating commits and change tracking with the easy comparison of different versions of files.


From the official site downloaded deb package, go to the file Manager of Chrome OS, it transfer a. deb package in the folder “Linux apps” and double click on the package.


Want convenient Torrent client? Transmission is what you need.


sudo apt install transmission-qt

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