The best look at the iPhone 11 next

Yesterday we exited the dummy models of the iPhone 11 new correct three iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R which models are made with high precision to give us the clear picture for new phones in accordance with the arrangements relating to the value of the phones and designs.

Interval which will be the anyone to end it as soon as you touch one of the new phones is the camera and background of course, which comes in the form of a box that has inside it on the lenses, so don’t hide on one of us that this new design did not raise the admiration of the technical community in general, except that users may turn it in to get a better camera experience.

Phone iPhone 11 will come with a camera background of the three as well as is the case with the iPhone 11 Max, the release of weaker iPhone XR will come with dual camera as an upgrade to the previous generation which comes with only one camera, although the phone carries two cameras only will come with the box design of the camera of the hand back for some reason no one knows except Apple.

Also as we know from previous leaks the place of the volume buttons and also the button to download House silent mode and has been changed is simple, it is also possible on the models the illusion that it is and when it was her experience covers protection custom iPhone 11 might fit her perfectly, so we expect that the phones Real will be the similar.

According to the 9to5Mac that has the forms directly to the education is not bad as we expected and here we mean the feel of it and held it in the hand and not its form because its form is clearly shown in the pictures, also the device is not all, but at least it’s not this. Although a lot of information we lack about the new phones we only know about enough so now knowing this they would tell us in the autumn of this year.

Source: 9to5Mac

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