The best online shopping sites and e-stores global and Arab

The best E-stores global development of the net 2018

Became the purchase from the internet is not a risk of the mission as it was in the past , but today it has become something very enjoyable. you can browse through on your computer screen or your phone choose between things that you like, and then you buy and you to the door of your house all this happens in as little time as possible easy for you to a lot of effort and time in shopping ,with the privileges of registration granted by a lot of the online shopping websites the world or locations the Saudi market and the Arab-like paying cash on delivery or Payment installments and payment methods, electronic , Allows you to e-shops a lot of options in front of you during the process of purchase and order products from the net , shopping sites own allows you to acquisition the latest models and deals and keep up with fashion, you don’t have enough time for shopping , get offers and discount coupons from some sites possible , you will write in this topic from the website how the technique of the most important and the best online shopping sites , best shopping sites, Saudi Arabia and the UAE shopping sites global trusted .

The purchase from the internet and the best deals and discounts 2018

Shop online and via e-shops of things, and that became the phenomenon we must live with and accept some of its flaws and deal with its advantages and that the most important saving of time and effort in getting a particular commodity , does not cost you the buying process online only your credit card and bank account and move between the online shopping websites and among the classifications and lists and the most famous international brands , we need some times to increase trust and reassurance before the purchase and rehabilitation of non-occurrence of any monument or scam , So you have to read the comments on the behavior I see buyers or make sure evaluate the seller and Purchases the product by and watch all the pictures of pieces that you wish to buy .

Will offer you the most and shopping sites and purchase from the internet in the Arab world and in the world, taking into account teams of nurses and services provided by each location , and the security, credibility and delivery by the exit , and discounts offered by each site ,though each site is characterized with its own and its tempting to every person, whether a novice or a professional in the purchase from the Internet. to take into account that the best way to are shopping at all the shopping sites that will remind them of the benefit of competition between all the sites.

Website Amazon Amazon

Amazon is a Online Shopping months in the world, you can buy everything you need from all the brands, not the clothes, accessories and cosmetics only, it also prevents your site collateral to secure the buyer’s right, in case you get a fake or non-arrival, as you can refund your money in full.

Ask the name of Amazon on the website because it simply depends on what products you can imagine of into value by less than $ 1 to the middle of May up to millions of dollars, and specifically why the call it Amazon like it collapsed Amazon ancient and complex . The site contains millions of products where you will find all the products for both companies and global brands , but we must pay attention to the seller at purchase , as mentioned our site on the biggest crew to ensure shop security so that you to get the benefits out of forged or imitated, you will back your money after you prove that the product is not suitable for you , this is of course to get the grant out bad .

موقع امازون للتسوق
Site Amazon shopping

Learn all about the location of Amazon and most of the presentations and the method of purchase and delivery at the site of the Amazon page and in detail : location of delivery global Amazon amazon

Download application website Amazon official will facilitate you a lot of things where I became the use of smart phones in this age is preferable to complete all the functions of daily life through, and apps Amazon amazon is suitable for all phones and operating systems

Download application Amazon mobile

EBay, Ebay

EBay eBay months auction site in the world, and the online purchasing and is the first of a lot of electronic stores on the World Wide Web , say ebay the functions of the Agency and Mediation between the seller and the Buyer, and of the things that distinguish it it is easy for any individual to display his purchases for sale or purchase of luggage, purchases, and deals company eBay (eBay) in e-currency PayPal (PayPal).

The market eBay ebay multiple products, none of the global brands that enjoy high-quality , location eBay is considered huge Mall featuring thousands of products of all kinds and shapes , and a growing number of pioneers and users of the website eBay electronic ebay shopping daily significantly that didn’t know his products and what provides it offers to meet the wishes of the public and satisfy their taste different .

Market eBay has a list of side divide store products into sections : a special section in El fasher and outfits, special section Arts special section of the apparatus electronics, special section home and gardening supplies, and a special section with cars and accessories, a special section for the best deals and offers .

The App Store is available in English and not the store offers the Arabic language, so you can’t download store eBay cart , and the Fund to look to score and provides on the consumer the trouble of finding this plus a special section available on the home page displays the latest offers and discounts .

الشراء عبر الانترنت من موقع ايباي
Purchase online on eBay.

You know the way to purchase from a shop eBay world and the most important products you can buy from eBay and how to register on eBay : ebay store information on eBay for online shopping

You can also download the application store eBay on your mobile phone for free and with ease for Android and iPhone to get alerts and notifications of the importance of auctions and offers, and facilitate the purchase through.

Download app eBay Ebay mobile

Which is the best site Amazon or eBay to e

As is known to my website, Amazon or eBay are two of the most popular sites on buying and selling products online, as the number of users of these signatories, some 200 million people , but of course there are points of difference between these two sites despite all the strengths of the like-minded and that was why they’re the biggest site for online purchases

  • The way home : the fundamental difference between the two sites is that eBay is running auctions in addition to the possibility of sale at a fixed price in the sale of different products which is different from Amazon which had a policy of hard-sell any offered products at fixed prices.
  • Defense mechanism : you think Amazon in their dealings more closely on transactions and bank deposits with the possibility of recurrence when the desire of the seller after deduction of the fees required by Amazon i For to eBay find it acceptable to simply pay via PayPal or even dialogues or even cash on delivery this gives an even bigger fan at work and most of the users of eBay rely on PayPal in the implementation of their transactions.
  • Shipping methods : for Amazon they are offering an amount that would allow the balance of the shipment which is the amount of the incentive for sellers to cover part of the shipping costs for eBay, the seller can adds shipping costs within the Product Price may turn some vendors to put the additional increase for the cost of shipping on the pretext of charging in order to achieve additional earnings.
  • The possibility of recovery : for to Amazon they stand with the buyer in requiring the seller to return this in case the house was contrary to the specifications or conductors offices fully can The buyer to take advantage of the full amount within a period of 90 days as in the eBay seller is obliged to provide a guarantee of repatriation.

Shopping sites Saudi Arabia _ the best museums of the Saudi market

Site Souq Souq .com

Market pile souq is considered the first and largest Arabic site for buying and online for many goods and lenses possible , possesses an enormous number of users and increasing day after day to continue the fast of the dot com improving the development work and presentations, and cuts, especially after buying a Amazon for market dot com . I have branches in most Arab States to facilitate the delivery and communication with clients and you can shop by country or the nearest country to you :the market of Egypt – the Saudi Arabia Market – Market UAE – Kuwait

Cause of the fame and success of the market he invests a lot in marketing to facebook and Google , it is not strange to have come across this name before in one of the locations because the middle of much has achieved great success in the Arab world , of the most important features of the site he depends on the support cart ,and a lot of service Toronto facilities which make the Arab user offers on the purchase of the net , where you can inquire about the product before purchase and after purchase is it’s the seductive cuts in the numbers of Arab unlike Amazon, which offers this in the holidays only Western . In all areas of the cart you’ll find good cuts and the devaluation of the buy site market.

موقع سوق دوت كوم
Souq dot com

Get to know everything regarding the market dot com and the most important procedures necessary to complete the purchase and how the purchase of the site of the market Com and explain the steps in detail : everything you need to know is in the position of market dot com

You can also download the app and enjoy the features offered by the market Com users of a mobile phone , download it for free on iPhone and Android and learn about the services and the nurses .

Download the application market for mobile

The location of the valley of the Wadi to

The location of the valley of the stack to e of the most famous shopping sites in the Saudi market and is one of the first results that appear when searching for sites SR cheap , where it’s only available in Saudi Arabia and the UAE .

Possible on-site wadi he offers a width of 150 dinars, according to the state when you first experience The to buy the site + payment on delivery , for me, the advantage of COD is the best advantage as possible to find it in Arabic site .As the site focuses more on electronics and auto and accessories for men women and kids .
Ways and means of payment a variety of through the valley of the stack you can pay on delivery or pay by credit card , also gives you a lot of options in the process of shipping and delivery and limits shipping: Saudi Arabia, UAE which is free during the 6 to 9 days , and the shipment of the forms: free through from 1 to 2 days , and one of the best things besides, to his low is the possibility of product replacement in the case was not suitable and free of charge within 15 days after the arrival of the order

التسوق عبر تطبيق وادي
Shopping via the Apply Valley

You know the way to purchase from the website of the Comox Valley and shopping in the valley of the dot com through your mobile , by downloading the valley, which facilitates the process of shopping and browsing products .

Download application Valley mobile

Shopping sites UAE

When we talk about online shopping in the Arab world, we should recall the United Arab Emirates, this is the state that could be the case the first electronic commerce in the Arab world, where he provided full support , and the tools of modern for this board to make it come always at the forefront of Arab countries in terms of the number of shopping sites and shoppers, of course, I buy from Internet and get purchased to your house is of things. for many , there is the UAE more than 30 local shopping online assorted among the locations of shopping clothes, And electronics and perfume and makeup and shopping sites the year. plus shop locations other than the UAE, but provides shipping to the UAE .

Site walk Namshi

Walk Namshi site specialized to sell fashion Arab States of the Gulf, with headquarters located in UAE, and has a women’s fashion and men and children, in addition to sections of sportswear, accessories and perfumes.

You can browse the site via the English or Arabic, the property provides quick SHIPPING free during the two days at the most to the UAE and Lebanon, it is also easy to replace the product free of charge within 14 days.

Deserves to be a site walk for among the best shopping sites , because of free delivery so you won’t pay a Delivery Fee and it depends on the best brandy like a flute you exclusive menswear and womenswear , and product replacement 14 days from the date of purchase it allows you experience the product and retrieve the money in case you don’t like the product . The reason behind not giving him the rest of the Arab countries to shut the markets compete to walk and not to enter into the land because once you enter the walk lay market because of its services and privileges that it provides to cause in the loss for the rest of the companies have you will find all the companies to prevent the entry of such companies to the market .

التسوق عبر نمشي في الامارات
Shopping via the walk in the UAE

You know the way to purchase from a site walk in detail and photographs and how to use discount code walk and get the coupon discount at the shows and seasons : by purchase from a site walk dot com in detail

Download the app walk for beauty

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