The best phone’s settings to enjoy the vote and the rest of the games

After a long wait on the Android platform, become free available in beta for a number of Android devices is the leading medium, and is expected to expand the list of devices supported after launch to work.

In this article, we will Some settings that mean most of the available devices, to improve the performance of the device and thus experience the forest fully, and without prolong let’s start.

1) Activate the flight mode and use WiFi

Discrimination in the play you must have a stable Internet connection, so you prefer Wi-Fi over phone data if you have a fast wifi connection.

Is well advised to do the flight mode settings fast included above the Notification Center or from the application settings; put the flight blocking the cellular connection, so the calls and messages that may include you.

2) prevent Auto-Update for applications

Use Android devices to update the app and immediately connect to Wi-Fi in the default mode, this may hamper the safety of the forest that you need for the internet connection is strong.

To prevent the Auto Update for the applications Guide to the application of Google Play and then open the side menu and head to Settings > Auto-update apps and select non-free applications automatically from the pop-up menu, and you can refer about it after the play.

3) activate the play mode

With the oneplus, Samsung, Sony and Huawei those you will find a special mode for games which activate it improves the device performance in any game.

You can find the situation often apply the settings to search for “Game Mode”, we explained by its activation on the devices Shawnee, and his settings fast with oneplus.

For Samsung devices you can head to Settings > maintenance the device > performance mode and then select play, it is advised to pass the ramp in front of the option “one games” to activate the mode automatically when launching games.

4) the imposition of the preparation of the 4x MSAA

If you suffer from obvious graphics Free, you should activate the setting 4x MSAA which is forced to run the game for a bigger screen, 4 times and then compressed to fill the screen of the phone and thus increase the extent and details of the graphics significantly.

To activate this option you must first activate the developer options by going to Settings > About phone and then click on the version number and even teach you to access to developer options which you will find the picture of the former down around the phone.

To access the developer options, drag down and to the Department of processing of the multiplier devices which you’ll find the option to impose 4x MSAA.

It must be noted that this option may drains the battery quickly, while you are options for the developer, make sure you disable the option USB debugging from developer options in so doing it is prohibited the entry of your game.

5) prevent run activities in background

There are Settings Other options the developer can improve the game play experience; you’ll find the option to not keep activities, which activate it measures a large proportion of the activities and applications in the background which may consume part of the capacity of the RAM, knowing that activating this option will activities free also if immediately leave the game.

In contrast, we find that the preparation of the limit processes in the background makes you choose the background processes, you will see an option to prevent processes in the background, which stop the app and open the recently of work in the background without the jobs that are running in the background such as increasing e-mail with a calendar, which reduces the consumption of RAM as the previous track while not only some of the necessary activities, including free when you leave.

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