The best photo editing apps add effects edit photo Android faith 2018

Download the best application to edit the images and one of the software photo edit photo

Become photography is one of the most important uses of the smart phones and get a camera characteristic not always gets so many want download apps to edit photos and improve the quality and lighting so that they become more attractive during the design and add effects and filters, and new designs on the photo , you know, here on the best apps to edit photos, edit photo Instagram and all social networks .

The increased popularity of photo sharing apps with others on social networking sites that are best known snapchat and Instagram which reported the number of users is now more than 300 million active users publish more than 70 million photos every day.

But whatever the phone’s camera sophisticated the images need to be adjusted to look better, the following list includes the best apps to edit photos for smartphones you can count on it , now users of the geek sexes social networking needs are photo editing apps to edit or cut and add filters to export it and then deploy it attracts friends and fans days became a photo editing application edit photo essential on the mobile phone to publish images of children or images of nature or any beautiful pictures from the user’s perspective are attractive .

Also professional photography use many apps to edit the images, modify and add pre-published through download the application to modify the image , you can use this app easily , here in this section of the site how technical we collected for you the best apps or programs to edit images and modify them and the latest audio programs to help you get the sound as attractive and clarity that you want .


Application edit photo Instagram months

Insta-shot InstaShot

The program Insta-shot of one of the apps to modify the sound and use of the features needed by many and is a problem facing most users of social network Instagram , in addition to all the services it provides to modify images and add effects and modify extra intensity, contrast and the possibility of extra icons and stuff on the photo , you can also modify audio and video clips posted on Instagram without the story it in its full size through the extra frame white on the photo and under the curler , you can download the application instashot free on all kinds of mobile phones, Android faith .

The application presents the Insta-shot many of the tools that help you edit photos and modify as you want such as trim, add effects, crop, create a clip of a custom, and you can share photos and video materials on all of your accounts on software and social networking applications directly .

تحميل instashot
Download instashot

Download instashot


Months photo editing apps for Android

Cymera for Android

The application cymera used by most users of phones Android, as it offers many features to edit and modify photos Android in a way distinctive and attractive , is extremely brilliant leader in the field of software to modify your images with Android, or so-called smartphones.

Where you can this program of work of the compilations of images and albums in which photos are grouped , as well as the water by the multiple image adjustment in terms of the story and modify the lighting, contrast, crystallization of the image and add filters and effects , it is possible to attractive and also in the program cymera is the possibility of drawing on images and stuff and the icons on it , is of user-friendly applications on Android and doesn’t need things complicated to get the result the pictures that you want.

تحميل cymera
Download cymera

Download Cymera

The second app :

  • Camera360 Ultimate for Android and iPhone

This app serves as a camera application professional export good allows you to take photos and improve them without to have any experience modifying industry photographs , is more than the application of sound prevalent on phones Android , as it offers you the possibility to capture images through the app without the need to add effects and modify them , also you can add effects and tools that it offers you the app that make your photos funny and eye-catching and distinctive , and you can convert the image captured also to the poster of the movies and the covers of books and the Declaration of the outdoor and also greeting cards, you can install more than one photo to get a new image integrated .

You can easily download it on phones Android and iPhone, where the design simple and appropriate for all operating systems and phones .

افضل تطبيقات تحرير الصور
The best photo editing apps

Download camera360 Ultimate

Fourth app :

  • Bixler Pixlr

Bixler Pixlr is one of the best apps modify images in the world today, it is also of months these applications . To improve the image of Android and modify with multiple options and many you can add on the photo .

The application contains many of the tools and nurses to adjust the level of the distribution of colors and lights in the picture, to the side of the cleaning tool photo remove the impurities in the presence of persons of the same command also for the animals.

You can apply bixler to improve the image of Android brought many images to one place or a certain or specific event and exit generally include all of these important moments, which are sound patterns that are shared heavily on social media sites.

You can download the app for free via direct link on your mobile phone and you can use it easily before you publish your photos on social networking sites show the warmest of the organization .

تحميل بكسلر لتعديل الصور
Download bixler to adjust the sound

Download pixlr

Download photo edit 2018

  • Photoshop Photoshop Express

Think Photoshop is the software months and the best in the field of design and edit pictures professionally. is the subsidiary company telecharger world famous and allows you to add some effects to the image to become the image of the fictional excellent and wonderful.

You can application of image correction, including lighting and cut and paste parts of them and improve small parts, such as the removal of acne from your face on the photo or the face of one of them, and also remove red eye you can remove the border and various defects.

You can through Photoshop express for Android work paintings, banners and logos with ease and in a very short time because it is characterized by simplicity in use and the interface simple and distinctive lines , you can easily download it phones Android being does not need storage space great on mobile , too. you can use Photoshop to edit and design photo Android in Arabic .


تحميل فوتوشوب عربي
Download Photoshop Arabic

Download Photoshop Arabic

Download the latest audio software for Android free

  • Candy Candy camera

Be determined Camera Candy for the user to add a multitude of filters directly by Photo by photo other filters very suitable voice since filter another sound; with a range of options also multiple with drawings of animals comes other find them after using says candy came candy came best in breeding the pictures there were even if candy Camera camera candy download from Google Play to pick up the nicest image site and images are the responses from the analyze wonderful to capture the most beautiful stories the good forms and their I and of the topics which candy says since the first in the world, indeed it’s how can use the flash came that ancestors, another about the life of the applications come And you can than change the brightness and state saturation, and the images , and also the work of the father or the one you can hide grain or problems or in the Red during the shooting line and also you can manipulation in the pictures and this or this people as well as the candy came to more than 100 frame you can use it easily

تحميل كاندي
Download candy

Download application candy

Previous app :

  • Beauty plus Beauty Plus

Program, beauty plus Beauty Plus is one of these successful applications of the status quo which allows you to easily modification professional photos and videos in your smartphone , the app also supports the camera front of the device in the case of imaging the self and you can also use the rear camera in-app for the same purpose , and you can enter your self-image you can add effects that follow birth defects, including raised pressure and also acne, and elegance best for your image, It is possible services provided by the application of beauty Plus is that the app lets you edit videos and also by filming a short video lasting up to 20 seconds in the app itself after it is finished you will see the options of filters and effects and add what suits you on the video you modify it and then share it on the apps social network.

تطبيق بيوتي بلس
Apply beauty plus

Download app beauty plus

The second app :

  • snapseed snape Mr

Program snapseed snape the master of Google you can convert images to photo galleries and professionally and modify them as you like, there are a lot of possibilities that provides this application expressly including the story of the photo and copy the parts and change the size and rotate different images , among other advantages, we find the zoom in and Zoom Out Scale to highlight the variation and distribution of the lighting in the picture and also the contrast and brightness , It is also the app comes with many effects that you can add them to photo convert photo to old in white and black and also various patterns and influences found in the application of the competition and the good news is that with updates is to add new effects and innovative in general to investigate .

تحميل تطبيق تحرير الصور
Download photo editing application snapseed

Download the application snapseed

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