The best platform to design websites on the internet

Becoming a platform for the design of the site is now the ideal option for individuals and small businesses that want to create websites of their own easily, which met a great demand in recent times to become one of the most important means by which it is possible to use them to profit through the virtual world of Internet, Web wishing to create their websites on the best and platforms to design sites on the internet, therefore in this article we will show you the best platform to design websites on the internet in addition to the advantages and cons each of them to be your guide to choose the best of them – from your point of view – to create your website.

  • Site WordPress.Com

The site WordPress phpMyAdmin ” WordPress.Com” a system that manages websites in general and especially blogging, the site was designed by the language “PHP” databases “MSQL”, which is an open source system.

Has been the release of the first version of a WordPress site phpMyAdmin ”” which number “,70” in 2003 by “Matt malling” the founder of the company in UAE responsible for the development of the site, has been issued the latest version of the number “4.1” under the so-called license GNU General Public which are an acronym for “GBL” version # 2.

  • Nurses

There are many advantages for the design of sites ” WordPress.Com” including:

  • The system is free but you have to get the “domain” and “host”.
  • System templates: the site features a pink Priscilla a system of templates which allows the user to change any design with ease and convenience, has been the support to amend the law and live preview and live not the beginning of the version number “3,4”.
  • Integrated management: allows the user to control the system in an integrated manner through the Control Panel.
  • The possibility of the links work friendly by search engines.
  • Plugins “Plugins”: where are strengthen the position of the pink Priscilla the possibility of support for plugins “Plugins” so that it includes more than 30 thousand add.
  • Classification tree: where the system works the pink Priscilla on the configuration of the labels in the nested “tree”.
  • The possibility of supporting the tags “Tags”.
  • Alerts and feedback: where it says alert the user if the link between the theme with another website such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • The possibility to participate in the writing on your site with a bunch of other people.
  • Create a list of visitors who may have to comment or participate in your blog or your website.
  • Possibility to turn off the “IP” what about the writing or comment on your blog.
  • The possibility to create some own applications on smart phones laptops and also on tablets.
  • Blogging service multiple: where can system pink Priscilla to provide a network of blogs which is called “WordPress MU”.
  • Negatives

There are some drawbacks in the design platform sites ” WordPress.Com” namely:

  • Weakness know him which also apply with the rest of the blogging services foreign on the other.
  • Opt-in amendment so that the system imposes on the user a particular template the user can only accelerate some spaces in it.
  • Limited support for the code where it doesn’t support code JavaScript so can’t the user view the ads program-profit that uses it.
  • Not all possibilities are free, there are some possibilities that you should buy for certain to use them.

Visit the WordPress phpMyAdmin from here.

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  • Site Blogger.Com

The location system to publish blogs which is owned by Google since 2003, the site says the blogger host blogs on the site servers and the city hosted as a subdomain of, as that the user can change the private domain of his city through the chosen servant of another, whether via FTP or SFTP .

  • Nurses

Enjoy the platform design sites site Blogger.Com many of the nurses including the following:

  • It platform design free sites.
  • Features easy in use.
  • Control panel is simple and easy.
  • The possibility of profit by way of AdSense ADSENSE .
  • Be the possibility of penetration very difficult and could be impossible because it continued to buy the Google world.
  • Allows the use of “HTML” in the development of plugins and templates.
  • It is possible to do parts easily in the search engine “Google”.
  • Give you detailed data about the state that you see your blog and also about the operating systems and browsers.
  • Allow the user the possibility to save his articles until it is completed.
  • Negatives

There are some drawbacks in the location of the blogger:

  • The difficulty of the amendment on the templates in the site pleuger if you don’t know the programming language well.
  • Templates that exist on the site non-professional.

Visit pleuger of here.

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  • Site siteBuilder.Com

Site siteBuilder.Com is a platform that allows the possibility of designing websites and hosting them, through introducing a range of tools that facilitate the user the possibility of creating a web site of her own, without the need for programming or technical skills.

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There are many features that make the site siteBuilder.Com of the best sites that you can use to create your website on the Internet, including:

  • Website offers Com users hosting resume to their site that they create it in order to help users to start the design by clicking on the button only once.
  • Submit you website domain name, mail addresses, company and also saves you the trouble of searching for those services.
  • The site offers about 10,000 model for all types of sites as it allows you to modify the designs as best fits your needs by using technique Drag and Drop.
  • The site provides you with the appropriate solutions so you can create e-stores allow you to sell your products safely.
  • Negatives

There are some drawbacks in the site siteBuilder.Com including:

  • That the position of the Com self hosting-which means that the user must complete, and provides no options.
  • Gives free account in the site the possibility of placing ads on your site, this means that in order to get the location of it, you have to pay for it.

Visit the Seiko Builder from here

  • Website Wix

Website is a Wix is a Cloud Platform you Design Web sites, and provides a set of tools and the salvation of that make you establish your website by easily, and this is from personal experience of me has helped me a lot in achieving many of the tasks.

  • Nurses

There are many features that make you choose website Wix to start creating your website easily, including:

  • Website is Wix free website running hosting resume.
  • You can choose the design of your site from among hundreds of models offered by you to the site, also allows you the possibility to modify it how He pleases, so that fits with your site because it offers the technique of Drag and Drop.
  • There is a site a lot of apps that can provide your site with many functions and features including free including a paid.
  • Negatives

  • Allows free account on the website Wix to display their advertisements on your site and that’s why you can’t remove those ads unless you subscribe to the paid account on the site.
  • The difficulty of the transition from the platform wix to another platform.

Visit and be here.

  • Website weebly

Website is a weebly of online platforms which provides the user with many wonderful designs to create Web sites and modify them through the use of the tool to build the pages.

  • Nurses

  • Is promotion of a site on weebly with the hosting resume.
  • Offers you several models of ready-made and scalable it using the construction tool direct on the page.
  • Help your website also to create e-commerce sites is easy.
  • Negatives

  • Does not allow location of the modification software on your site, whether design or programming.
  • Takes site a 3% Commission for every sale and challenge you by Hosting free only.

Visit the Web from here.



The best platform to design websites on the internet

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