The best productivity apps of App Productivity Android

The reason for having smart phones is that we can be more productive and work through it. They are like small computers so that we keep in our pocket. They’re calling the internet, that’s what makes them the main candidates to help all of us to be more productive. As there are a lot of options for apps that can help you be more productive in your life through your smart phone. So let’s take a look at the following 5 best productivity apps for Android!

Evernote is the strong note with the application. He was among the most popular applications in its class for several years, and has segments to ensure that such praise. It features health, transportation, and health, and various kinds of other notes. It is also features excellent organizational and sync across devices, and collaboration, and more. There is so much wrong with it. However, you pay for all those features. The cost of the basic plan of $ 7.99 per month with the full experience for $ 14.99 per year. That’s why Google Keep is a fantastic note other take app completely free if you want like this option also.

Set your Google Drive productivity apps. It’s brilliant in everything. First of all, you will get Google Drive, which is the application of cloud storage supports all types of files literally. Moreover, you have Google Keep, Docs, Spreadsheets, and presentations. All of these enable you to take notes and do your business office by simply. Finally, we have Google images where you can store photos and videos taken with your smartphone and view them easily. These cover the application of the community of any need in relation to file sharing and file storage and Office Applications, Applications to take notes and even store images. You can also buy additional space from Google Drive if you need it.

IFTTT is one of the productivity applications the most interesting available on Android. Where the app lets you create recipes to choose different applications to do different things at different times. This is what makes your phone works independently. This is a must for those who use things like smart lights and other devices to the internet. In addition, you can make quick things like auto-save photos Instagram to Dropbox. It’s really a powerful application, you can also find a variety of recipes pre-prepared using some of the Google searches simple. As the thought Tasker is another application excellent for this kind of stuff, but IFTTT is an application a little bit easier in use.

No longer LastPass is one of the best productivity apps, but also one of the best security applications. Where it stores the login credentials of your different websites. And then you can use it to log in. You can access the passwords more complex and log in faster, and you must remember your password for each website you use. It is also there is also a LastPass Authenticator which adds an extra level of security. Covers the free version of the app most of the rules, but you will need to have a subscription for $ 24 a year to get all the features.

Know you Microsoft Apps all apps owned by Microsoft on Play Store. This includes a variety of apps that can enhance your productivity, including OneDrive and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Cortana, OneNote, Outlook and many other applications. Which is very much like Google Drive, which is a set of applications that all work together to bring you a single cohesive experience. There are also apps such as Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to connect to Windows phone from Android. As there are a lot of applications here and all of them have Windows support also. It’s a good way to incorporate the experiences of mobile and desktop for those who use Windows.

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