The best programs to recover lost files for iPhone, iPad

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أفضل برامج استعادة الملفات المفقودة لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد

With the development of smart phones we believe in a lot of daily tasks such as maintaining documents and important data such as: emails, contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, and maybe even levels sensitive. This is why it is important to backup the data constantly, in order to avoid the occurrence of a disaster and lost your important data or stop your phone from work due to any malfunction, where you will be able to time. restore lost files easily.

But what happens if you forgot to make a backup copy of data, or disaster happened and I lost the backup of data or damage to your phone? Can you recover some or all data from a corrupted it? Yeah, that’s where many companies offer file recovery software that can save you in such situations.

Usually apps and software recover files, expensive expensive, however before you spend a lot of money you can have a look to see if the free trial version available with many features that enable to recover the files and unwanted.

So we offer you the best lost file recovery software for Apple’s operating system iOS iOS, such as iPhones and iPads.

1. a program D. IPhone – Dr. Fone

أفضل برامج استعادة الملفات المفقودة لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد

Thinks Dr. Fone for the best lost file recovery software, it is developed by WonderShare, the famous, and features the ability to retrieve lost data efficiently immediately connect a telephone to the iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Install Dr. Fone on your Mac or your personal computer and then connect your iPhone via cable Lightning, and the search for the missing files.

The program features the ability to restore files directly from any device running iOS iOS without the presence of backup copies is not, in addition, it is also able to restore the backup on iCloud iCloud or iTunes iTunes. It can restore all of the photos, messages, calendar, and the elements of the ticket, call log, bookmarks, Voicemail messages, notes, attachments, WhatsApp and more…

The current version 9.2.1 features a user interface better than ever, all you need is to choose the device which will recover the files you need, choose the file types you want to search for, then click on Start Scan to begin scan the connected device and search for deleted files. During examination process make sure your device is well connected all the time. Then wait, as the duration of the examination depends on the size of the memory and the data to be retrieved on the iPhone or iPad.

When completed check all the data that can be obtained from the phone, will be displayed prior to retrieval to make sure they are the files that you want to restore. Then select them and press the button “Recover” to save them on the computer with the push of a button.

It is worth mentioning that although there is a trial version but it is not significantly beneficial, where you will be able to search for files and find them but recovered requires the full version paid. This costs $ 69.95.

2 – EaseUS MobiSaver for Mac

أفضل برامج استعادة الملفات المفقودة لأجهزة آيفون وآيباد

Software is EaseUS MobiSaver for Mac of the best software to restore lost files for devices operating system iOS, which is continued to buy EaseUS which owns a large collection of specialized software in data management and retrieval.

Program can EaseUS restore files from any device running iOS, or copy iCloud or iTunes. There are separate versions for Windows MacOS and Windows.

You can use it to retrieve numerous file types, it features user interface the simple and fast action and guaranteed results, and enhance the When you examine the old backups from iTunes, the ability to retrieve thousands of photos, messages deleted a long time ago which I forgot its presence almost.

The thing about EaseUS is that the free version provides the possibility to restore a small part of the lost data for free, while most of the free version of the apps data recovery will scan your lost data just, demanding payment before a refund of any thing. But EaseUS will benefit the image of one and up to five contacts for free, and thecost paid version is $ 59.95, and you features full recovery.

Link to it from the source: the best software to restore lost files for iPhone, iPad

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