The best racing game on Android

Remember the saying: “what Russian does not love fast driving?”. We in any case do not encourage you to violate traffic rules and pose as a street racer on the streets of your city. But if you ride with the wind still want to, but to risk your life and the lives of others there is no particular desire, then you can always apply to video games. Moreover, our smartphones have already entered enough races. And among them there are those who are not even ashamed to compare with the “big” competitors. Well, strap yourselves in. Went to explore the best racing game on Android.

A screenshot from the game Asphalt 9

The contents

Asphalt 9: Legends. The best arcade racing

Asphalt 9: Legends is the last race in the marathon series. Developed by Gameloft, Asphalt 9 has great graphics and intuitive controls, though, of course, in all its glory graphics of the game is revealed on tablets or high-end smartphones with excellent color reproduction. However, the game is absolutely free (although has in-app purchases) and additions to it. For example, recently, the tracks located in the Caribbean. And they, you know, incredibly beautiful. Definitely one of the best arcade racing for mobile devices at the moment

Download: Asphalt 9: Legends

Real Racing 3. The simulator

One of the main competitors of the previous project in the field of mobile racing. True Real Racing 3 in terms of physics is very similar to the Forza series of Xbox consoles. That is, here the emphasis is on realism. You have full control over the behavior of the car on the track and also have the ability to fine-tune machine settings before the race. The choice you will have several modes. As offline (career, school, driving, and so on), and the multiplayer. Do you like more to play alone or with friends? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: Real Racing 3

CSR Racing 2. Simulator drag racing

CSR Racing 2 is, first and foremost, arcade about drag racing, tuning cars and other joys of street racers. In priority it is the tuning. Then it determines everything from progress in the story campaign to unlock new parts like nitrosamine, gear boxes and so on.

Download: CSR Racing 2

Speedboat Racing. Thumb boat racing

If the streets not for you, why not take a ride on boats? Speedboat Racing gives you that opportunity. In fact, Speedboat Racing has a small roll in the direction of the simulator, because you need to watch not just for speed and braking, but also for the gear change. Well, physics of the boats themselves are also made on a very decent level. That boat really moves through the water, that is, believe.

Download: Speedboat Racing

Traffic Racer. The endless race in the car

In this game the main goal is to go as fast as possible, as long as you can maneuver in the flow of traffic. There are several modes available, depending on the number of cars on the road and number of lanes and direction of traffic (in one direction or in the opposite). Yes, in fact we have a runner, but wrapped in a very unusual shell.

Download: Traffic Racer

LoL Kart. Almost Mario Кart

LoL Kart is one of the most fun games in this set, inspired by (not surprisingly) Mario Kart. You can pick up various bonuses to blow up enemy cars to block their path, to use nitroacceleration, pour puddles of oil on the way and so on. In General, if you know what the Mario Kart, and then Orient with no problems. If not, then it’s time to get acquainted with a new genre

Download: Kart LoL

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