The best screens for 2020

If you want to buy a screen and looking for the best options that currently exist, were you to review this article to know the best screens that can be purchased in this year.

Here’s the best screen 2020:

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Screen Dell P2720DC

If you are tea lovers full, the screen P2720DC from Dell considered a good choice. They are amazing in terms of looks, also the price is appropriate, moreover there is a USB connection-C.

Come screen size of 27 inches and a resolution of 1440 pixels, which is added between 1080p and 4K ultra-high definition.

You can get them from the store Dell at a price of $ 360, or from store B&H at a price of $ 480.

Screen Acer Predator XB27HU

If you are interested in the world of gaming, the screen Predator XB27HU from Acer also intends to option luck.

Reach the screen resolution is 1440 pixels and offers support for G-Sync and refresh rate of 144 Hz. From a design standpoint, they are footnoted to slim of the three aspects can also be replaced.

You can buy tea at a price of $ 595 from the store, B&H, or 494 USD from Amazon, or $ 600 from NEWEGG.

Screen Samsung 27″ SF354

Care most people search for screens with high quality and reasonable price, which is why Samsung made the screen SF354 with a size of 27 inches and a resolution of 1080 pixels.

The display features a sleek design with the edges of the thin relatively around the frame, and also used the technique of PLS, which is Samsung version of IPS. Meaning, you’ll get viewing angles decent colours and realistic-looking.

You can buy screen shop for Samsung at a price of $ 170.

Screen Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q

Think screen Ultrasharp U2720Q Dell is one of the best screens of 4K at all, it comes with a size of 27 inches and a resolution of 4K and a formidable group of pixels within a compressed which makes the image very clear.

And when you combine it with HDR support wonderful and a great contrast of 1300:1, this screen is amazing no matter what it runs on. Also offering Dell is also the model of a 32-inch U3220Q, which is the most expensive bit.

You can get the Ultrasharp screen U2720Q store Dell at a price of $ 570.

Screen LG 34WK95U

Although it may be expensive, but the screen of the LG 34WK95U provide the size of 34 inches and a resolution of 5K, it is also able to provide the widest color gamut of any screen you may come across it at all this is thanks to the technique of Nano-IPS.

Ratio contrast to the network 770:1 with a brightness of 409 nits web refresh rate of 60 Hz.

You can buy tea from a store Amazon at a price of 1164 USD, or from store B&H priced at 1296 dollars, or Adorama at a price of 1296 dollars.

Screen Samsung CF791

Enjoy the screen CF791 Samsung (34-inch) image quality great, features games professional like the refresh rate high (100 Hz) and support for AMD FreeSync.

And the screen resolution is 3440 x 1440 pixels with a contrast ratio of 940:1, they provide perfect color accuracy.

Support screen port Thunderbolt 3 also, the speed of data faster and more shipping options, making it full screen in all respects.

As technology helps Quantum Dot Samsung much in all cases, providing a contrast ratio of great depth of the colors are hard to overcome even in the young the most expensive.

You can get them at a price of $ 800 from the store, B&H, or $ 750 from store Adorama, or $ 800 from Amazon.

Screen BenQ EX3203R

Think the screen of the BenQ EX3203R suitable for players dramatically, although the price tag may be high, but they provide 32 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels refresh rate high with 144 Hz.

There is also support for HDR, the curvature of the 1800R immersive and FreeSync 2, and the screen is great for gaming and work, with the support of an excellent colour and the appearance of black and white colors thanks to the support of HDR. Moreover, support USB-C.

You can buy the screen from B&H at a price of 528 USD, or shop Adorama at the price of $ 400, or Best Buy at a price of $ 400.


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