The best security apps to keep your Android phone safe completely

أفضل تطبيقات الأمن للحفاظ على هاتفك الأندرويد آمن تمامًا


أفضل تطبيقات الأمن للحفاظ على هاتفك الأندرويد آمن تمامًا

Android is the operating system most commonly used worldwide, there are more than 2 million active device, the nature of the use of the broad don’t know it for malicious attacks and the worst kinds, as well as the nature of his fragmented too and the fact published a countless number of Roman custom off models of phones, which makes it a security concern.

The smartphone is a very important organ has undoubtedly personal information. Which is take it the author of the system, company Google, the owners of the other brands, seriously through maintaining the safety of their programs and do more to maintain the security of the phone.

Protect your device from viruses, malware, and other threats, is primarily your responsibility, there are many things you can do to stay safe and keep your phone, here are these things on the form of points:

  • Update your operating system especially the monthly security updates.
  • Don’t you download APK files from third parties is reliable.
  • Don’t install apps you don’t need it originally.
  • Install apps only from stores recognized, preferred store, Google Play, and other as Amazon is trustworthy.
  • Take yourself a moment to understand the permissions the app is tried before permitting him access.
  • Don’t prevent the phone powers to root unless you know what you are doing.
  • Use the built-in security features and default in Android.
  • Use one of the security applications trusted “select one from the list below”.

The list of applications that are the best in the field of safety and security for the Android OS:

By listing these applications, there is an important question, which is what are the factors that have been adopted to make this preference to this group?

We say to you, that all applications in this list have been tested in a laboratory to protection AV-Comparatives and AV-Test which is the best laboratories of protection independent of the virus, and all the apps in this article and the hundreds of other samples has been tested on the ground and experience the latest malware, to be the following applications, a total of 10, the baseline for Android, which came as follows:

First: the application AhnLab V3 Mobile Security:

I have this app a proven track record in providing protection to the examples and comprehensive for Android devices, and the ability to detect and prevent malware and viruses Mobile with great precision, has won the top ranking by laboratories to protect, as well as it the quickest and best application of the anti-virus available, with a total score of 100% in the report of AV-Test anti-malware.

The idea of an app is in the phone monitoring in real-time by conducting a survey of all the downloads before and after installation, as well as Check for App permissions with select it and remove it for the comments unwanted, there are fertility regulation through the survey data cache, enhanced to speed up the phone lock protection applications, the disclosure of the addresses of phishing sites.

Other advantages and unique, so does not affect the app on the speed of the phone or on the battery, and works as a consultant for privacy where it lets you know the app that keep track of sensitive information or location tracking and access to contacts like, without it the app is available for free download on the store Google Play, with additional tools need you to buy them.

Secondly: apply Antiy AVL:

This app uses the antivirus engine AVL SDK, which provides complete protection for your Android. Also claimed top-ranking app in the list of tests to my lab AV-Test and AV-Comparatives because of its functionality and precision in the detection of malware and other files unwanted.

And application algorithms are well-designed through which you can scan your device at great speed not to mention accuracy of the survey, and got the application ratio of 100% in detecting malware with samples exceeded 3000, the record is also easy to use because its performance does not live battery life or cause a slow phone in any way.

Also to investigate the ability to detect and analyse many different file formats likes “APK, SIS, SISX, XAP, and CAB” with its ability to scan and scan the executable files such as “DEX, ELF, EPOC,PE”, and most of it is updating the app and adding malware to the latest every 24 hours or on the basis of weekly, on the other hand, the app is available completely free of charge.

Third: Bitdefender Mobile Security:

A brand that needs no introduction in the field of cyber security “Bitdefender”, which is one of the security applications are the most reliable in Android and acclaimed widely, and received the highest rating in tests to detect software malicious files and unwanted.

With reference to the back, scooped up the app on ready best product security for 2015 and 2016, and that if the evidence shows the greatness and the importance of application in his field, and can focus accurately scan and ease and speed of survey and opportunities during the design and warning continuity about phishing sites or malicious links.

One of the unique features are coming with the survey calculations of the e-mail and let you know whether it has been breached or not, and if it was leaking private details to you with your notice to change your password every period, without it the app is not profiles is available for purchase priced at$ 15 once, with the possibility to trade free of charge for 14 days.

Fourth: Cheetah Mobile Security Master:

The application of another security for the Android system, and features system diagnostic smart allows scanning your device with smart solutions in order to maintain your device safe and clean from malware, as well as optimal performance. Use, record the application rate of 100% in all tests, both in terms of usage or the speed of the scanning or detection of malicious software.

With this app, you can protect your phone and improve it to perform better, and also contains a tool for cleaning the file of unwanted, and components Phone booster that helps in improving your device by deleting unnecessary files and disable the battery, to get longer battery life.

Unique in this application is its ability to suggest the best solution to the problem in an effective manner, as well as your online activities have a shield for extra protection through the VPN Protocol, in respect of the pricing of the app you can subscribe to it from the price of 0.99$ 35.99$ as advantages, as well as having a free version which is no doubt useful for all users but with limited capabilities.

Fifth: G Data Internet Security:

With this app, make sure the experience of browsing the internet is very safe, without worrying about phishing sites, and trade or theft of data, and, like the others in this list, the Application log of the ratio of 100% at the stage of his choice, which is a cloud connected “online” so it includes the updated database is constantly of the threats, with the possibility to immediately detect these threats and developed.

With Tool app anti-theft phone, through which they can clear all phone data remotely in case of stolen, you scan tool applications during the download and stuff the momentary existence of any threat, with the feature of lock apps or pages for the kids, in terms of pricing, you will need to annual subscription apparatus only one priced at 15.95$.

Sixth: Kaspersky Lab Internet Security:

Another application is fitted by the well-known security, and millions of users, whether for personal use or for commercial use try the app, it has occupied a high rank in the test phase, to one of the best security apps in the Android.

In turn, the application needs to drive the anti-virus, and scan websites that you visit and delve in what position, and connection filtering unwanted with the protection of your files from the eyes of the action, the advantage of protection from theft or protection after rifling through the remote Alarm even if the phone is in Silent mode, or wipe the personal data remotely.

In relation to the price of the phone, there is a free version of the application, but include means to protect primitive for your device. But what if you want comprehensive protection it is better to subscribe to premium annual, which cost you about 24.95$, with the use of the annual plan for three phones for one year only.

Seventh: McAfee Mobile Security:

Do not differ in importance from previous applications, and has all the security features standard and some unique instruments, the application to his reputation by introducing the To protect minutes as well as to enhance the phone performance, and maximum protection from malicious software, and by the way, the app won the award for excellent performance in the field by 2017, the award of information security Silver to 2017, and the award for Best portable product for 2016.

With the application of McAfee you have features such as anti-malware still viruses and anti-virus and anti-spyware and anti-theft feature, and backup & restore data feature, and lock The security and improve the performance and even hide any file.

Comes with a property of the mind calls the SIM and the contacts unwanted, improve the battery performance and the phone of apps problem in the background and thus speed up your device and save energy as far as possible. In regards to pricing, http free version download most features, but the paid premium version provides protection of the largest and most comprehensive we have there the annual subscription at a premium 29.99$ per year.

Other apps underwent the same test:

Sophos Mobile Securityavailable in free and full of on store Google Play.

Tencent WeSecure: available free and full of on store Google Play.

TrendMicro Mobile Security: a free copy but the benefits are limited, with the possibility to experience the full version free for 4 days, and then you have the annual subscription pay your 34.49$ per year.


We hope that this article is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best apps Android anti-virus and malware, please let us in the comments find out which app you prefer from the other.

The best security apps to keep your Android phone safe completely appeared first on the tech world.

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