The best sites anime to watch and download

According to a recent study, a quarter of the world’s population watching anime (Anime), simply because he can tell the most beautiful story, is not worthy described as “cardboard kids” thanks to the depth and details of the story, usually, short or long, from Death Note to one piece and Naruto, the language of anime is Japanese, and distinctive style of drawing is different from any work of cartoon animated some.

Without further ado, here look forward to the best sites, apps, anime viewing and for download.

Add Anime: the largest library of anime in Arabic

If all you care about is watching anime online, the TV series and movies, and access to a large library with hundreds of old and new business, translated in Arabic, the lowest number of ads, guide you Website Add Anime.

Animekom: ease of access to anime

If you are looking for professional design and ease of use, features Animekom – friendly interface gives you access to the anime and watch it or download it without going through much of the page, you find in fact bar the letters of the alphabet, select a letter to see a list of any that begin with that letter, along with the search bar, but and are by genre of action, drama, etc.

gogoanime1: one of the best sites anime world

أفضل مواقع الأنمي للمشاهدة والتحميل

If you are looking for the best sites at the global level, guide you to the location of gogoanime1, and deserves its position high among the locations of the anime thanks to the viewing experience perfect speed run loops and supporting the finest quality high, this besides the search options and sorting excellent. But he knows the episodes translated into English.

Crunchyroll: the best paid service to watch anime

أفضل مواقع الأنمي للمشاهدة والتحميل

If you are looking for a service anime entertainment content, the Crunch Roll has become available in the Middle East and monthly subscription starts from 8$, the site does not display any ads and IT development between the Rings and supports the best qualities available, but since it was an informal service of the place is not big, the absence of any Legendary like Detective Conan, the site on the strict policy on participation accounts, in origin, no account sharing is allowed only among the inhabitants of the house, but for months I share my account with a friend and I never got to watch after.

HorribleSub: best site to download anime high quality

If you want to download anime to watch it on the computer or television, you probably know that the experience of download anime often be painful and long, so you have to open the link and traffic to several pages vs download one episode, this varies with the position of the HorribleSub for the following reasons:

  • Featuring a large library of art, you’ll often find the anime you’re looking for.
  • All are ongoing and new are raised by the quality of the 480p and 720p and 1080p
  • Collects rings are the product of long in one link, imagine I can download more than 300 episodes of Naruto Shippuden with one link.
  • No remixes on the Rings, it pastes the subtitles to the video and eliminates the problems, but how to download an Arabic translation of it?

أفضل مواقع الأنمي للمشاهدة والتحميل

Before you download anime great from HorribleSub make sure there is an Arabic translation compatible, and you can search the name of the anime on the site of the famous Turkish Subscene, I have searched for Naruto shippuden found one file out subtitles all episodes 500. After you download episodes of anime and, you can rename the video file and the subtitle with the same name and put them into one folder so that frequency synchronization with milk automatically.

AnimeSlayer: the best free application to watch anime

Crunch Roll mentioned above is available on various platforms, a website and application on phones and TVs Android, but if you are looking for the best app to watch anime on phones first you apply a single: AnimeSlayer.

أفضل مواقع الأنمي للمشاهدة والتحميل

The app features a library perhaps is the largest of any, let’s add art in your favorites list or watch Currently to notifications down the new loop, where the application to reject new episodes translated within hours of its publication, offers options to watch the anime by any player videos, says education episodes of “filler” that deviate from the path of the story of the anime, and finally lets download anime to watch it later.

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