The best streaming services to movies, series and programs on demand in United Arab Emirates

Satellite TV during the summer and other periods throughout the year does not provide new, especially those which broadcasts movies and programmes and series, not to mention that the viewing experience provided by is not perfect they will broadcast a lot of paragraphs ad.

Don’t provide you with satellite channels selecting movies and series that you want, not to mention that a lot of them just crossed the broadcast of movies and old TV shows, this is very bad, especially if you prefer to watch the latest produced by American cinema and Indian and global.

This is available on Internet streaming services to movies, series and programs on demand, which is the platform global, and even local, offer their services on smartphones and tablets, computers and Smart TV.

I don’t know you this product has no commercial breaks, you choose what you want to watch, and also documentaries and political, economic, In addition to Programs, series and children what makes them suit all family members.

In this article, we will explore the best services to broadcast films and serials and programs on-demand in the United Arab Emirates.


  • The service icflix

One of the months of services in the United Arab Emirates which is enabled from spreading thanks to a powerful advertising campaign in the region.

Enabled to use streaming service Icflix in all over the world, but the major markets of the company are the following countries: Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Founded this service which is taken from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates-based, and was able in a short period of time to be the best alternative to the giant broadcast on-demand Netflix.

For content is growing between the production of the American Indian and also offer a translation feature for foreign content.

This service provides a free month of development and then a paid subscription of $ 29 AED to the company.


  • Service Netflix

Is Service months globally topping this sector has expanded in recent years to the Middle East they focus on the UAE as an important market in the consumption of mobile content and video overall.

What excels in of Netflix on the services of the competition is that they offer high quality content and add the latest American movies and global by their competitors, as there are a lot of soap operas produced by herself and her exclusively.

This service provides a free month of development and then a paid subscription of $ 29 AED to the company.


  • Service OSN Wavo

One of the basic services in the United Arab Emirates when we talk about the platforms to broadcast video-on-demand, the launch of OSN Play in 2012.And offering OSN Play for current subscribers thousands of hours of on-demand content, plus access to the Live streaming channels from OSN’s expanded.

Now integrated services Wavo with a service that does not require subscription to OSN TV, which offers a selection of soap operas, movies and sports the most popular in the OSN.

Highlights include events and programs like Suits and Game of Thrones, and Vinyl and Lucifer and movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as service Asli is newly launched and the budget.

This service provides 14 days for free and then a paid subscription to $ 26 AED to the company.


  • Services Starz Play

One of the services which had been known during the recent years in this sector due to the advertising campaigns big that was not in the area.

The owner of this service are the U.S. began its work since 1994, a network cable and satellite American service launched a preorder for the implementation by Netflix and the rest of the services in this sector.

Launched during the recent years, Starz Play Arabia in the Middle East and North Africa, it operates in the United Arab Emirates.

Provide Product Series and films, American and children’s programs in addition to Arabic content, and are working to add more content periodically.

This service provides a free month of development and then a paid subscription of $ 29 AED to the company.


  • Service Eros Now

Taken from the India-based and focused on the content of Indian only, of series, films and songs, an international team and to be the first to know the content of the Indian new participants.

Everyone in the service they provide translation in Arabic for users it is targeting the UAE and the Middle East, and are distinctive from the rest of the services in terms of content and even subscription mechanism.

Eros Now is the arm of the direct broadcast product, and the location of the movies based in Mumbai Eros International, and for participants to select from the large library of the parent company, which includes more than 2000 movie and thousands of songs and serials and you can access all the work of your favorite artists.

This service provides Plan Free which you can use always, if you want the paid version to access more content and features you can pay 29 AED per month.


  • Service MBC Shahid

Provide you with this service, a large library of Arabic content, in addition to the best American and Hindi programmes, MBC, a number of which are free with ads where you can upgrade to a monthly subscription in order to watch without ads.

Compared to the other services in this list we find that MBC Shahid cheaper as they don’t require you to only 18 AED in case of upgrade to the paid version.


  • Service Amazon Prime Video

Before we conclude this list of services, video-on-demand in the UAE, must be mentioned the latest service entered into the market of UAE and Middle East markets and North Africa.

Talk about Amazon Prime Video which offers performances such as the famous Jeremy Clarkson presented the summit in The Grand Tour and dystopian and the play The Man in the High Castle.

Although they do not offer to now a lot of content, especially exclusive as the service of Netflix and other services to it on the way to it.

You can sign up monthly for the first six months worth 11 AED, then the monthly pay of 22 AED permanently.


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