The best trick to use YouTube on phones

We presented you last week the best trick to use the browser Google Chrome, and today we offer you the best trick YouTube on the phones, as more than half of smartphone users upgrade to use platform Watch the videos.

Run videos in the background

One of the biggest advantages of the increased use of the bus is the possibility to play videos in the background to listen to it while doing other tasks, something which is prohibited to the phone app, but there’s a trick behind it we will review on Android and iOS.


  1. Enter to YouTube from browser Google Chrome
  2. Open the menu three dots at the top right of the screen and select desktop version
  3. Give the site permission to send notifications if you request it of you.

Congratulations! When you run any video on YouTube via Chrome and then move to the screen of the phone key will stop the video from work but you can resume it from the Notification Center.


No safari provides the possibility to play YouTube videos in the background, but some browsers the third party to provide this feature, including the Dolphin, where all you have to do is run a YouTube video on it and when you return to the Home screen will stop automatically so you can resume it from the Control Center.

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Submission of returns the video by double clicking

When double-clicking in the part of the screen right while watching a video YouTube video is presented for 10 seconds, and when double-clicking on the part of the screen to the left is returned to the video 10 seconds.

You can control the duration of the “10 seconds” this by heading to Settings > Settings General > double click to change in the video.

Watch videos blocked in your country

You don’t need to develop a third-party until you see the videos blocked in your country, where you can change your country manually to another state from within YouTube by going to Settings > General Settings > Location.

This procedure will not change the language of the application, it alters the list of videos, blockbuster, as is the Vogue in the state in which you have chosen, it removes the limitation of the videos blocked in your country.

A friend wants to watch YouTube on your phone?

YouTube the kind of videos that you are watching to suggest the fold in the future, so if you want to give the effect of the experience of someone on your experience in the future, you can follow the two methods below.

You can click on the profile icon and choose Run incognito, in this case will not be proposal of the videos by the history of the watch, as it will not affect browsing videos on the suggestions for YouTube in the future.

You can also stop and search record and watch from the Settings > record privacy.

Access to the proposals of the YouTube fast.

After finishing watching the video you will find a horizontal list Video new proposals, but if you don’t like these suggestions and want to see the other suggestions you can drag up from here without the need to return to the tab suggestions.

Learning foreign languages

With regard to YouTube automatically with high accuracy on the video speaking in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, so if you learn one of these languages include a video speaking out, but don’t understand what is said good, you can activate the feature “translation” provided that the same language of the video.

To activate the translation feature, click on the list of three points the top right of the video playback window and select Upgrade.

Disable notifications

If you find notifications YouTube annoying you can improve them from the many options present in Settings > Notifications.

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