The best video drivers for the computer

The best video drivers for the computer

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There are many software to run videos on the PC and windows, and the user cannot identify the program’s best not to trade, as there is in every program features different from the other but share the benefits, help you get to anger.We have prepared for you a range of special programs to run the videos on the computer is the best in advantages and various tools.


VLC are the best video drivers for the computer

One of the best programs to play videos, which is famous among users so you are dealing with him use until now by millions of users in the world, among the features of this software is its support for over languages including the Arabic language.

You can program VLC to convert video format to another format different from the original formula does not. It also supports playback of m3u files to your own broadcast channel online.

Gom playerGom player

The program Gom player

To program Gom player with all formats and the withdrawal of the video, it is one of the most powerful and best media players ever, and among the fishing supported by the program MPEG and WMV and AVI format and also the format of the ASF and other formats different.

The program does not require you to install codec special video because it contains all the miles, by default, Can Play Movies high quality, and accurately HD.

برنامج potplayer

Can the description of this program within the list of the best in video playback on PC, it’s a free program and does not require any payments for downloading it on the computer, which is the distinctive ability to run all videos are high quality and run his own movies with 3D and thus is fully formatted to form the highest and most powerful techniques videos.

برنامج 5KPlayer

Program 5KPlayer

Despite the appearance of this program too late for the rest in the playback video on the computer, but it’s got a lot of confidence among users, has become also the most important programs that many users significantly, it supports the most popular formats video such as MP4 and WMV and other popular format of.

Aare features of5KPlayer

  • Supports the highest quality video such as 4K and 5K.
  • Feature lets download videos from YouTube and Facebook.
  • The program is completely free.
  • One simple and easy to deal with the program through her.


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