The best VR simulators for training of pilots

Piloting skills are honed in flight, but their correct implementation the first time is not given to everyone. A few points need to parse further in a calm environment. In these cases, the aircraft made to use special air-simulators, which are issued more than 30 years and during its development has made great strides in the field of simulation of airline flights.

The best VR simulators for training of pilots

With the help of modern flight simulator you can fly a Boing 747 passenger to fly in a Beechcraft Baron and even get a private pilot license for Cessna 172 – mentioned journalists blog ACS in one of his studies. Thanks to the virtual reality of modern simulators can simulate virtually any air transport – from the plane to the balloon. The job of running these aircraft can literally of your own home, using the virtual control of own computer. But useful for the experience pilot in real flight conditions is unknown.

With the improvement of the level of realism of flight simulators continues to expand their scope in aviation. Today, this level is already quite high – some controls of aircraft detailed down to the heated Windows, ventilation switches and anti-icing system. And with standard flight procedures can help to manage even the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The flight simulators are becoming more realistic

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What VR simulators today are considered the best?

X-Plane and FSX

Simulation of transport and passenger aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator X-Plane and X (FSX) – a haven among the vastness of contemporary flight simulators. The consensus among the pilots about which of these two options is better does not exist, however they all secrete that:

  • X-Plane distinguishes the best flight model;
  • FSX has plenty of quality visual effects and add-ons which cover nearly all existing aircraft.


The simulation is very demanding on the system and its resources, and if a standard RAM is unstable, the program can fail at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, the appearance of the simulator Prepard3D was for virtual pilots real relief. Its main feature is so needed program stability. In addition, the simulator has a new look – training courses for different modes of transport, more realistic ambiance, as well as support add-ons and libraries FSX.

The simulation is very demanding on the system and its resources

IVAO and Vatsim

The virtual network IVAO and Vatsim allow you to combine a passion for flying and the capabilities of global network. Everything you need in order to use them to be a user of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X or X-Plane, go to the website and register on it and then install the program “client-pilot”. These services allow users to make virtual flights in real weather conditions and pull knowledge in the English language thanks to English radio. In the networks of Vatsim and IVAO at the same time can fly up to 700 pilots.

Where to get the simulator and which one is better?

All the flight simulators available on the official sites and the cost from 60 USD, but on the Internet you can find many cracked versions.

The simulation allows to practice different types of procedures, but X-Plane offers more features testing regimes of flight in challenging conditions, and FSX and Prepard3D provide more opportunities to study specific vehicle.

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