The best way to transfer songs from Apple Music parking the play to Spotify

After the availability of Spotify in the Arab region, it is natural to look for ways to transfer playlists to the app, but may be difficult to find a free service.

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This knowing that the services don’t save the content that is downloaded from service to service, but you add songs to favorite lists, service other.

The best free service to transfer songs from service to service is the Tune My Music as we’re having it with the following:

1 – Go to site Tune My Music on the bus.

2. Select the service that you want to transfer your favorite songs and lists from them (Apple TV music or Google Play).

3 – select songs and menus.

When choosing a Apple Music, you are prompted to sign in to your Apple TV, to website All Songs in the library where you can choose between them by song, artist, playlists, and albums.

For Google Play Music, you must agree to add a landmark (bookmark) to the web browser, where clicking on it takes you back to the site to Tune My Music to select the songs you want to transfer.

4 – Click on the “Choose destination” (Select Destination) after selecting the songs and menus, and in this case chose to apply the subsidy, then click on the “start the music transfer” (Moving My Music); if the operation ended successfully you should find all the songs and menus in Spotify, this knowing that you may not find some of the songs if it’s not available on the service.

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