The best way to use one SIM card one number in two phones or more and receive the internet and calls!

Today’s topic poses a lot and there are several questions about it, I’m talking here about the use of the number one phone in the telephone two, three or four phones, so that when calling someone stern all your phones at the same time.

The best way to use one SIM card one number in two phones or more and receive the internet and calls!

If a service that enables you to do this it is called MultiSIM, and you can use them across the company to call in your country, means are available to them and ask them it quite simply, and without them they give you some cards, If you want to use the cards in the four phones far 4 cards, but it’s my number one. Then after installing the cards in the phones and when you call the parkas of all phones at the same time and you can then answer according to your choice, and I think that you can listen to the call of all the devices.

And this is a good idea, I think, you can use it in the management of the four phones with the number one only you can answer and send messages and browse the internet quite simply.

Note : You may not include cards in the beginning only after 24 or 48 hours.

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