The best ways to record screen of Android while playing

There are many reasons why to record the screen while playing, from the review of the skills occupation experiences, conversations, fun and even impress a friend the experience of a game, so we will you the best ways to record the screen while playing on Android devices.

Come some phones with screen recording as an addition to the Android system, but some of which may be limited by the accuracy of the registration or does not provide, or the Quick Access button recording, perhaps equivalent to that Android 10, who shared his support with a tool developed to record video, so until then here are the best apps that you record the screen of Android:

You must not go away, the application Google for games pre-installed on a lot of devices that can record screen many of the games that it supports.

For party games that the app supports recording your screen, simply click on the game the driving games Department, so if you found the video icon top of the page it means that you can record the screen while playing; clicking on the video icon idea to choose the accurate recording of the screen is a maximum of 720p and up to the minute, then launch the game.

If you wanted to record video of higher resolution and screen recording any game and not the months of games only, there is no better than the application of AZ, which offers many settings to customize the trade access to export options, as it imposes no limits of time to record the video.

When you download the app and open it for the first time show the ICON range on the screen all the time you can start recording the screen while playing or any other task, if you want to hide the icon you can drag them down where the sign of X, and if I wanted to return the icon should re-launch the app, and in each case you can add recording options screen notifications.

This includes the application, the application Mobizen many of the posts, and a perfect choice after AZ to record the screen of an Android device.

Finally, it should be noted that all applications, including tools added to Android by companies phones, you register the sound of the game and displays on the device including notifications and incoming calls during registration, as you register the sound of the ocean, currently do not offer Google the option to just record the system sound without ambient sounds, and the only solution is to not record any sound at all, an option provided by third-party applications mentioned above.

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