The Bitcoin exchange rate on Turkish stock exchanges exceeded $ 7,000. Why?

This week, the media drew attention to the website the Bitcoin exchange rate on which almost half a thousand dollars lower than on Coinmarketcap. The fact that the creators used different method for estimating the first cryptocurrency, showing the net value of the coins, excluding speculation.

Now a similar situation has occurred in Turkey. At the local exchanges the exchange rate of Bitcoin stood at 7,15 thousands of dollars, while around 6.5 thousand dollars. This writes TrustNodes.

How much is a Bitcoin

A strange course of publication found on the exchanges BTCTurk and Paribu. This means that the difference in the value of the first cryptocurrency was not limited to one exchanger, and took place across the country.

The fact that over the past month the Turkish Lira has fallen by 43 percent because of sanctions imposed by the US. This could be the reason for the difference in price trading USD Bitcoin in Turkey and the rest of the world, the newspaper notes.

The US imposed sanctions against Turkey on 1 August, the reason for them was the arrest in 2016 American pastor Andrew Brunson. The Turkish authorities accuse him of supporting the military uprising organized by the preacher Fethullah Gulen. As a result, over the past few days the Turkish Lira has fallen from 5.5 to 6.8 liras per dollar.

It seems that the popularity of cryptocurrencies in countries with an unstable economy will grow. What is the Outlook give you? Share your answers in the best cryptodata Russia.

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