The Bitcoin seriously loaded because of the “empty transaction”

Turn on adding to blocks of Bitcoin took a huge amount of transactions is very low cost. According to the service Blockchain.comyesterday size mempool BTC has increased almost tenfold over a short period of time between 8:50 and 9:00 o’clock in the morning Moscow time. Fortunately, while the network of cryptocurrency is still working, since the first processed regular transactions with relatively normal commissions.

Size mempool Bitcoin

A small transaction cost only a few Satoshi often called “dust”. While the “dust attack” the network of major cryptocurrencies does not cause any inconvenience to users of Bitcoin, as small transactions are sent with a small Commission. Consequently, the first in the queue to be added to the block are the usual transactions with normal commissions.

Size mempool Bitcoin. Source:

Recall that when added to block the miners prioritize transactions with the highest fees. All other translations need to "wait in line", which is called mampalam. The queue is measured in bytes, that is, the total weight of all transactions. The weight of the transaction depends on the number of sent coins. In more detail the mechanism of formation of commissions the miners are considered in this article.

It is unknown what has caused such a dramatic filling of Nampula. It is suspected that this is the usual “dust attack” with the aim deanonimizatsii some users of the cryptocurrency. We have previously written about a similar phenomenon in the network of Litecoin. Dust attack does not harm directly, it is only aimed at disclosure of the financial flows of certain wallets with cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin blockchain is completely transparent, so the course of the transaction with "cryptofile" can be tracked from wallet to wallet. Attackers gather information about the UTXO or the outputs of transactionsto find a certain connection between the different translations. This tactic allows you to discover the purpose of certain addresses behind them. And after identification you can proceed directly to the attacks, and other such activity.

By the way, the activity on the blockchain of Bitcoin has declined a bit over the past few days. For example, yesterday the amount of displaced BTC has reached a billion dollars. This is a relatively small number if we take into account previous periods of the history of cryptocurrency. At the moment, the Bitcoin network confirms approximately 350 thousand transactions in one day.

At the end of 2017, the users of Bitcoin have experienced the greatest difficulties in working with the coin. The fee soared on the background of mass hysteria around the increase in the price of BTC to 20 thousand dollars. Fortunately, after a few weeks the situation stabilized.

According to the service bitcoinfees, currently the recommended fee for the average transaction is equal to 4032 Satoshi or 0.32 dollar.

Source: Bitcoinfees

Now the situation is gradually improving with mempelam.

Size mempool Bitcoin. Source:

How much usually spend on transfers in Bitcoin are you? What was the record value of the transaction? Share your answers in our cryptodata millionaires.


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