The blockchain was not created by Satoshi Nakamoto. But who?

The blockchain technology was older than is commonly believed. While its Creator is Satoshi Nakamoto, Stuart Haber and Scott Starrett. This was stated by the developer Ittai Abraham, who discovered the oldest example of a distributed registry in the room of The New York Times from 1995, writes News BTC.

In his Twitter the developer posted a photo of the column “lost and found”. In the article there is a speech about the system of Surety — the harbinger of the blockchain, which is a sequence of hashed data that is the digital registry, the authors were published weekly in The New York Times.

Who created the blockchain

The developers believed that published in the newspaper data cannot be altered after publication. So they are invulnerable to fraud, which, for example, can replace the letter in the envelope.

The publication notes that Haber and StarNet are unable to get rich on your idea — now they are as hired cryptographers to work on the infrastructure of two blockchain projects. However, three of the eight points of the description of Bitcoin, proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, developed by Haber and Stornetta.

After the publication of notes in the newspaper founder, Ethereum Vitalik Buterin tweeted jokingly suggested a way to attack on the first version of the blockchain. According to him, hackers will have to print fake Newspapers. Names and details of people in the ads will be changed.

Many politicians and representatives of financial institutions the future is not associated with cryptocurrencies, and bloccano. For example, in may, the Chinese leader XI Jinping called a distributed registry “breakthrough” technology.


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