The blogger showed how difficult it was to break Galaxy foldable Fold

The main drawback of the Galaxy Fold, which was known from the beginning, is not its high price, although it is, of course, also affects the demand, and the reliability of the device. Due to the presence in the design of the smartphone moving parts and blatant tempered glass display is likely to be treated will be extremely careful, as we warned Samsung when you turn the device. But, agree, it would be interesting to see how durable the Galaxy Fold, if it is not easy to carry in your pocket with keys and change and truly over him to make fun of?

Galaxy Fold in the unfolded state

Leading YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once specializing in crash tests of various smartphones, the Galaxy was subjected to Fold his classic test of strength. The result, I must say, you will surprise many.

Is it easy to break the Galaxy Fold

As expected, the weakest part of the Galaxy Fold was his internal display. On it there are traces, even if you run your nail over, not to mention something more solid. And, apparently, over time, these scars will not disappear and will remain so forever. Needless to say, if any sudden movement could trigger the “withering away” of pixels and displaying on the screen a dead region that does not respond to touch.

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The Galaxy Fold mechanism is really afraid of sand and other abrasive particles. So if they get between the moving parts down the drain. In the best case, the smartphone will emit an unnatural crunch with each folding and unfolding, and at worst simply will not allow the display to bend in half. We should not exclude, however, that best case, over time, may well wait for an upgrade to the worst.

The most durable part of the Galaxy Fold

But to break the Galaxy Fold was not so easy. As a blogger tried, he has failed not only to break a smartphone, but even to violate its integrity. It is immediately evident that here the engineers of Samsung did a good job, strengthening the mechanism to the maximum. So even if you bought Galaxy Fold accidentally try to fold it in the opposite direction, most likely, he will remain unharmed. At least if you stop.

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Jerryrigeverything once the experiment has shown that in its current state Galaxy Fold is just an experimental model, or prototype, if you will, which is unsuitable for everyday use. In any case, few will be able to follow instructions, Samsung and blow off dust particles that they suddenly huddled between the movable parts of the mechanism and did not work. About the display, which is able to damage even the nail, and say nothing. With this kind of reliability in Galaxy Fold place on display under glass, but not in my pocket.

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