The bloodiest attack 51 per cent in 2018. What are they?

The cryptocurrency industry is under threat from various sides. One of the most serious — attack 51%, which can quickly disrupt network coins and deprive hontarov their savings. Only in 2018 cybercriminals have successfully completed seven such attacks. Talk about six major incidents.


History of 51% attacks this year started with hacking Electroneum project, which worked on the algorithm CryptoNight. However, the criminals failed to kill the project — after some time the company got out and moved to a new network.


Popular in Japan coin Monacoin was attacked by 51 percent on may 13. Experts said the cause of the incident is insufficient network security token, which worked on the algorithm Lyra2REv2. The company got off relatively easy — the hackers managed to do her damage in the amount of 90 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin Gold

May was a difficult month for cryptocurrency projects — especially when it comes to Bitcoin Gold. The coin was subjected to two attacks in a row with a break of four days. This put the developers token in a difficult position, however, today the coin is still strong.

Now BTG is on 24 place in world ranking of cryptocurrencies. The rate of coins equal to 22.41 dollar market capitalization exceeds $ 386 million.


Two days after the second attack on Bitcoin Gold from similar actions of hackers has suffered Verge. The attacker managed to find a loophole in the Scrypt algorithm Lyra2RE and steal 35 million XVG worth more than $ 1.7 million.

Litecoin Cash

The month ended with a 51% attack is not the most popular fork of Litecoin Cash. Reddit users quickly confirmed the success of hacking. Stolen by hackers, the amount is unknown.


The latest attack this year occurred on June 3, and the victim was ZenCash. The hacker was even able to carry out double-spending coins. This incident prompted the crypto currency exchange for tougher work requirements.


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