The browser Firefox will warn you when appear the login data saved in one of the breakthroughs


Penetration data is an unfortunate fact in the modern era. Waiting for the data disappeared pretty quickly which makes it capable of causing a headache for users affected. Make sure to take the proper procedures if you find yourself in such a position, it will will start the the browser Firefox to warn users if the login data of their own in one of the breakthroughs.

The company Mozilla to browser Firefox will do it as part of a partnership with the website Have I Been Pwned specialized in the verification of the registration data disappeared. The company Mozilla is associating service Firefox Monitor independent and manage passwords Lockwise with the browser Firefox directly. This will enable the browser to be notified in the case of the appearance of the login information saved in any data breach.

The browser will perform a survey of user names and passwords saved to check if it was part of the breached data that was leaked on the web. If it turns out that there is a match, then the browser Firefox to inform the user immediately and change their password.

Will this feature only with the data of the inventor that was leaked and where it was saved the password knowledge before exposing the hack. Will report the browser also statistics on the number of breakthroughs which have been capture your login data.


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