The “bubble” of Bitcoin looks more promising than Amazon in the era of the dot-com

Staff analyst firm Ceteris Paribus mentioned companies Messari after another study and they were positive. According to experts, the last cycle of the course BTC similar to Amazon during the dot-com bubble, however, the recovery is much faster.

Even despite the recent panic selling, now the price of Bitcoin has fallen behind its historical maximum not more than 50 percent. In turn, Amazon once for the same period has lost 85 percent.

As further noted in Ceteris Paribus, although these two assets are markedly different from each other, at certain points in their history, they were both based solely on speculation.

A detailed comparison can be seen that the ascent of Bitcoin after the so-called cryptogamy was much more dynamic Amazon. The price of coins went “much further than most people could imagine in December 2018”. Note on the chart.

Comparing the “bubble” of Bitcoin and Amazon from 2015 to 2019. Source: Messari

Prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency industry

Remarkably, this summer an experienced trader Peter Brandt has compared the loss of the market of altcoins with the collapse of the dot-com. However, he noted that Bitcoin is unlikely to apply.

After the collapse of the technology sector in 2001-2002, the dotcom is literally choked real value, and now we see the results. Although the majority of empty projects simply went bankrupt.

Meanwhile, CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back coin compares to earlier periods of innovation on the positive side.

Bitcoin has progressed much farther and much faster than many might assume. During the early days of the web we jokingly said “the time has come of the Internet.” Now, it seems very fast time of Bitcoin.

What will happen to Bitcoin mining and after halving

Now forecasts for the Bitcoins associated with the so-called halinga — or reduced rewards block with 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. It will be held in may 2020. On the prospects and impact of halving we asked Mikhail Korolev, the Creator of the site 2Биткоина and co-founder of mining pool 2Miners.

I’m not worried about halving. As we recently wrote, even without miners the Bitcoin network will live.

Yes, and there is no reason for miners to leave in 2020, because the network will continue to pay a reward of $ 6.25 bitcoins per block (currently 12.5). And in addition to these 6.25 BTC, as a reward, the miner gets the fee for the translations included in this unit. Today in unit of Bitcoin transaction fees is from 0.5 to 2 coins and it is beyond rewards to 12.5 BTC. As a result, now the miners get per block from 12.5 to 14.5 coins, and sometimes more.

Notice the second column on the right. This is the final reward miners today. And it is much more than 12.5 BTC.

Source: block Explorer Bitcoin network

Michael continues to comment on the topic of mining.

If we believe in Bitcoin, you need to understand that in 2020 it will be more popular than today, and each new unit will be a lot of transaction, and this additional Commission to the miners. According to the idea of Satoshi, after a ten-second years the reward for finding a block is 1 BTC, but how much is the transfer fees — will show time. If the popularity of Bitcoin will rise and people will use it more and more, transaction fees can easily exceed the 100 bitcoins per block. So the miners did not happen.

But if Bitcoin will be unpopular, then why all this talk? There are two ways: up or down. Flat we do not need.

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