The canceled “AirPower” wireless charging base may be back in iPhone 12 event


Two years ago, Apple announced its AirPower wireless charging base. One of the main differences between the AirPower wireless charging base and other wireless chargers is that users can place their device anywhere on the charging dock and it will charge, unlike current wireless chargers that users need to place their devices in specific places.

However, the project was later canceled, but soon after, there were rumors indicating that Apple had not abandoned the project entirely. Now, according to a tweet from LeaksApplePro on Twitter, it says that Apple will announce the return of the AirPower wireless charging base at the official announcement event for the iPhone 12 Series lineup.

It is rumored that Apple will hold an official announcement event for the iPhone 12 Series lineup in the second week of October and the return of AirPower could be somewhat interesting. This comes on the heels of rumors that Apple may be working on an iPhone completely devoid of ports, so it is clear that the company needs a new charging solution, such as wireless charging.

It was previously reported that Apple would abandon the Lightning port in favor of the USB Type-C port, especially since it did so with the iPad Pro, but we heard that Apple will likely skip that and move directly to the port-free design. Please treat everything said so far with minimal enthusiasm, but don't forget to come back to us next days for the latest details.


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