The carelessness of the staff is a disaster.. training platform automated from Kaspersky Lab to strengthen the security awareness of users

A study conducted by Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab in partnership with B2B International, in 2017, 57% of companies in the UAE, 42% in Saudi Arabia attributed the weaknesses in the strategies of Information Security have to “apathy in employee attitudes and behaviour”!

Therefore, Kaspersky Lab has developed the training platform automated trade security for the convenience of the companies and help them in addressing God indifferent to the security of the information of its employees, by arming employees with the latest skills and knowledge necessary in this area.

The aim of this product, available their services online, to help enterprises enhance digital literacy of its staff, in order to improve the efficiency of training through learning, the flour, and provide educational lessons in different formats, and within ongoing efforts, especially since finding the most efficient in the training of staff to improve their skills in the field of digital security remains a dilemma for many IT departments in companies, which see training of employees is an important way to reduce the incidents of e-security.

And home automated security situation of Kaspersky Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform System is an innovative educational based web site, work on automation awareness training digital for companies of all sizes, and help the product companies to address gaps in the skills of digital security on the internet has users, through educational classes, it takes each of them less than 10 minutes.

Used platform Kaspersky Lab several methodologies for the president to engage staff in the educational process and increase their awareness in the field of digital security, including the training levels of training are different, ranging from the beginning until the occupation, and the exact multi-media, learning style of play styles and interactive, and is scheduled to add more institutional advantages to the region in the second half of the year.

Said Slava Borel, Program Manager, Education and security have Kaspersky Lab, said that the aim of the establishment of training platform ASAP is to provide a tool for easy online management to help companies to balance the levels of efficiency and security have different groups of employees.

As added Burrell: “we hope through the learning approach specialist flour, courses and learning automated, engaging employees, ensuring ease of skill acquisition and forget about it, this approach is particularly important for small businesses that do not have staff experienced, and have the resources to manage awareness programs and effective security.”

Recall that the product is available in English, German, Italian, Russian, French and Spanish, and made available in Arabic, Dutch, later this year.

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