The case against free because of the dance the “Running Man”

قضية موجهة ضد فورتنايت بسبب رقصة "Running Man"

We Epic Games the developer of the game free additions different game from the number of possible that add an atmosphere of fun for players, but these dances come initially being become universally popular and thus can possess rights or similar grants additions only with permission.

This naturally has resulted in liability of the new company, where to raise Giles Brantley Jared Nikon case against us due to violation of the dance “Running Man” which contributed to post them and add them to the game free without prior permission.

The couple has launched a challenge to dance the “Running Man” during the game their in Team University of Maryland basketball in 2016 he said at the time, by adding the great popularity continued until this day. But this duo actually didn’t get a dance in and of itself, but they raised her fame through a talk, as it was swallowed by another couple called Jerry Hull, Kevin Vincent was a high school student at the time and was hosted by the program of Ellen DeGeneres famous. In went the website thefader return more deliver the dance for being the innovative of the club and the New Jersey cultural.

And don’t think this dance is the first of a number of common add free because they copied the dance from Snoop Dogg and Will Smith among others, but this duo looks like he wants to raise a case against the company because of lack of permission to add the number.

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